When Can I Leave a Review or Report a Problem With an Order?

You can leave a review or report a problem after the date your order should arrive. This date is listed on your Purchases page:

           Leave a review or report an issue on [the date your order should arrive]

After the date your order should arrive, you have 100 days to leave a review or open a case.

If you need to speak with the seller about a problem before the date your order should arrive, you can contact them on Etsy.

Answer questions about your order:

Where’s my order?

You can track your order on Etsy.com. To track your order:

  1. On your Purchases and reviews page, find your order.
  2. You’ll see the delivery status to the right of your order:
    • Not Dispatched: The seller hasn’t dispatched the order yet or didn’t update the order on Etsy.
    • Dispatched: The seller marked the order as dispatched.
    • In Transit: The seller added a tracking number and the package has left the delivery facility.

If your order hasn’t been dispatched yet, you’ll get an email when the seller marks it as Dispatched.

Contact the seller if you have questions or concerns about when your order should arrive.

Learn more about tracking your order.


How to contact the seller

All items on Etsy are sold by independent sellers. If you have questions about your order, you can contact the seller.

To contact the seller, click Contact The Shop next to the order you’re interested in on your Purchases and reviews page.

On the Etsy app, tap the order you’re interested in, then tap Contact The Shop under the order.

Sellers on Etsy handle their orders and set their shop policies. Each seller has a different way of handling delivery, returns, and exchanges for their business.

If you don’t have an Etsy account, contact the seller by replying to the receipt that was emailed to you after purchase. If you can’t find the receipt email, try checking your spam or junk mail folders in case it ended up there.

Learn more about contacting the shop.


How is the date when I can leave a review determined?

The date your order should arrive is determined by the order’s processing time plus delivery time:

Processing time

Sellers can specify a processing time for items they sell. The processing time can vary from 1 day to several weeks. If the seller specified a processing time, you can see that on the item listing page under Delivery and returns. You’ll see Ready to dispatch in XX days. The number of days is the processing time.

  • One item in an order: We use the longest processing time for an order. If the processing time for your item is a range, like 3-5 weekdays, the longest amount of time is used for case and review eligibility. In this case, we use 5 weekdays.
  • Several items in an order: We use the longest processing time for any item in your order.
  • No specified processing time: We use a 5-weekday processing time.

Delivery time

If your order has delivery tracking, your case and review eligibility is dependent on when the carrier marks your order as delivered.

If your order doesn’t have delivery tracking, we use estimates for delivery time:

  • Domestic orders: 4 weekdays
  • International orders: 10 weekdays


I have a problem with my order before my estimated delivery date

If you have a problem with you order, you can reach out to the shop at any time. On the Purchases page, click Contact The Shop next to the order.

Learn more about contacting the shop.

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