How to Use Attributes When Listing an Item

Listing attributes allow you to describe your items with distinct, detailed characteristics to help buyers get a clear idea of what you’re selling. Attributes can also help buyers find your items more easily in search results. Learn more about attributes in search. 

How to choose attributes for your listing

When you create a new listing on Etsy, the option to add attributes appears after the item’s categories are chosen. The category you select for your items determines the attributes you can add for the item.

Choose an option for each available attribute that best describes your listing so your buyer can best understand how the item looks, feels, or how it’s used or worn. Here are a few examples of attributes with visuals to help describe them:




Using Sustainability attributes for your listing

When you create or edit a listing on Etsy, you can now add sustainability attributes. Some sustainability attributes are more relevant for certain categories than others. Sustainability attributes are available for four categories: accessories, clothing, home & living, and jewellery. 

As a seller, you are responsible for any sustainability attributes you may add to a listing should a buyer ask for certification when we introduce these attributes to buyers in the future. 

For a list of sustainability attributes you can add to your listings, review our Seller Handbook article

To set sustainability attributes on your listings: 

  1. Go to your Shop Manager and select Listings.
  2. On the listing you'd like to change, choose the thumbnail photo or select Edit from the gear menu.
  3. Select the attributes you’d like to add. 
  4. When you’re finished, select Publish

What if an attribute doesn't offer an option that I need for my listing?

If you can’t find an exact match for your item, select the most relevant attributes available. Fill out both  attributes and tags for your listings to make sure potential buyers find and see your items on Etsy.

For instance, let’s say you’re listing a handmade, lemon-colored scarf. However, the colour “lemon” isn’t a selectable option for the Colour attribute.

  • Choose the colour that you think would be the closest to lemon. You can select “Yellow” as your option for the Colour attribute.
  • If you find that your unique colour label is an important search term as well, you can add "lemon scarf" as a listing tag for your item.

How to update the attributes on published listings

To update the attributes of your already-published listing:

  1. Go to your Shop Manager and then Listings.
  2. Select a listing.
  3. Look for the fields that appear below the Category. These are the attributes. Fill out as many as make sense for your listing.
  4. Select Publish when finished.
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