Changing Regional Preferences

Change your regional preferences here: You > Account settings > Preferences

Your region preference is used on certain pages of Etsy to show you relevant items as well as other content related to your selected country or region while you shop.

For example, it is used to automatically show items that deliver to you when you perform a search.

In the future, we hope to use it to share things such as Etsy community meetups and other events near you.

While we use your region preference to show you location-based content on certain pages of the site, it does not limit what you see on Etsy to items from your selected country or region alone. You can view all items on Etsy no matter where the item is located or what you've selected for your region preference.

How do I set my region?

Go to You > Account settings > Preferences.

Alternatively, click the country listed at the bottom of any Etsy page as seen below:

What does this mean to me as a seller?

To make sure you show up in deliver-to search results, have accurate deliver-to locations in your listings.

If you're willing to deliver internationally, let shoppers know!

Set up delivery profiles to apply to your listings and designate which countries you are willing to deliver to.

You can also use the "Everywhere Else" delivery option to designate a default postage cost for countries you do not want to specify individually.

Learn more about Delivery Profiles

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