I Can't Sign In to My Account

Read this article for help signing in to your account. If you still need help, Etsy Support is here:

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If you're having trouble signing in to your Etsy account, you can reset your password:

Reset your password

There are a few other reasons why you might not be able to access your Etsy account:

I can’t sign in because of two-factor authentication

If you’re having trouble with two-factor authentication, try using one of the backup codes given to you when you enabled two-factor authentication.

I want to reopen my Etsy account

If you want to reopen an Etsy account that you closed, you can reopen your account.

My account was suspended

You can’t access a suspended account on the Sell on Etsy app or in a mobile web browser. To sign in to a suspended account, use a computer web browser.

If your account was suspended due to violations of Etsy’s Seller Policy or problems with orders, respond directly to the email sent by Etsy about this violation.

If your account was permanently suspended, you may be eligible to file an appeal.

I have the correct username and password, but I can’t sign in

If your web browser is out of date, that can cause problems signing in. Learn how to update your web browser.

If these resources didn’t help, click Contact support at the bottom of this page.

If you're having trouble signing in to your Etsy account, you can reset your password.

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