Guest Checkout on Etsy for Sellers


If you made a purchase on Etsy without signing in and you're having issues, check this Help article for more info.

Sellers who offer PayPal and/or Etsy Payments automatically accept guest checkout orders.

When a buyer makes a guest purchase in your shop, you’ll see their full name on the order along with one of these guest avatars:

Your guest orders will appear alongside orders from signed-in Etsy members and can be fulfilled in the same way. There is no additional fee for guest checkout.

Guest check out is not available for:

  • Any order over $250
  • Some payment methods, including money orders and checks

Contacting a guest buyer

You can send a Message to a guest buyer. When you send a message to a guest buyer, it will be sent to them via email.

Buyers can contact you by replying to their receipt emails. These messages will appear in your Messages inbox.

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