How to Favourite Items & Shops

You can keep track of items and shops you love by adding them to your favourites. You can then add your favourite items to different Collections that you create. 

To favourite an item:

  1. On, find an item or shop that you love.
  2. Hover over the image of the item and select the heart button that appears. 

To favourite a shop, go to the shop’s homepage and select Favourite shop.

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How to add an item to a Collection 

With Collections, you can save and organise items you love. Whether you’re gathering decor ideas for your home, saving a wish list, or sorting items by creative themes and motifs, Collections can help you keep your favourites organised.

To add an item to a Collection:

  1. Find an item that you love.
  2. Select the item to visit its listing page.
  3. Select the heart icon at the top of the listing image.
  4. In the banner that appears, select Add to Collection
  5. Choose a Collection or select Create new Collection.

To remove an item from a Collection:

  1. Choose the item to open the listing page.
  2. Choose the heart icon at the top right of the image. 
  3. A dropdown will appear with any Collections the item is in. 
  4. Uncheck the Collection you want to remove the item from.

If the item is also favourited, selecting the heart again will remove it from your Favourite Items.

How to view, search, and filter your favourites

To view your favourites, select the heart-shaped Favourites icon at the top of

From your Favourites, you can use the search field at the top of your Favourites to search for something you favourited.

You can also filter your favourites by selecting Filter next to the search bar. You can filter to only items that are currently available, or items that currently have special offers, like sales.

How to make your favourites and Collections private

To choose whether your favourites and Collections private or public:

  1. On, select the Favourites icon.
  2. Find the section or Collection you want to edit.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Choose the privacy settings you want.
  5. Select Save.

Why is an item missing from my favourites?

There are a few reasons an item might disappear from your Favourite items or Collections:  

  • The seller removed the item from their shop. 
  • The seller closed their shop. 
  • Etsy removed the item or shop for breaking site policies.

Sold out items will still appear in your favourites and Collections. If you want to purchase a sold out item, you can contact the seller to see if they have another similar item.

If you’re following many shops, it may take some time for new updates to appear from shops you’ve favourited. If you’re browsing using the Buy on Etsy app, pulling down from the top of the app will help refresh your favourites. 

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