How to Change Your Currency Settings for Shopping on Etsy

You can choose the currency that listings on are shown in when you’re shopping on Etsy. To change your currency settings:

  1. On, go to Your account.
  2. Go to Account settings.
  3. Choose the Preferences tab.
  4. Under Currency, choose your preferred currency.
  5. Select Update Preferences at the bottom of the page.

You can also change your preferred currency at the bottom of any page on

You can also view items in your preferred currency on the Etsy app. Learn how to change your currency settings on the Etsy app.

If you sell on Etsy, learn how to set your shop currency.

How does my currency affect the price I see on Etsy?

When buying from a seller who lists in a currency other than your preferred currency, Etsy converts the listing price for you using an approximate conversion based on current exchange rate data. When a currency conversion is required, Etsy applies an additional currency conversion charge. Calculation rates are updated regularly.

How does currency work if I’m paying with a credit or debit card?  

Credit and debit card transactions on Etsy are currently supported in these major currencies. If you’re viewing the site in one these supported checkout currencies, the entire checkout process will be in that currency.

Shoppers on Etsy can browse in additional currencies not supported by Etsy Payments. If you happen to be viewing the site in one of our additional currencies, you’ll be prompted to pay in the seller’s listing currency.

I’m browsing Etsy in a currency other than my credit card’s currency

If you check out in a currency other than your credit card’s currency, you may be subject to a currency conversion fee from your card issuer.

Check with your credit card provider for information on any applicable fees.

How does currency work if I’m paying with PayPal?  

If you pay through PayPal, PayPal will provide automatic currency conversion based on the seller’s listing currency.

Contact PayPal directly for more details regarding how they determine their currency conversion rates and fees.

Some currencies that Etsy supports aren’t supported by PayPal. If your currency isn’t supported, but the shop’s is, you can check out with PayPal using the shop’s currency. If you’re in Türkiye, you can’t checkout with PayPal due to location regulations.

If neither your currency or the shop’s currency are supported by PayPal, you can’t check out with PayPal and will need to choose a different payment method.

Disclaimer: Due to regular fluctuations, Etsy cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, reliability, or completeness of the currency rates displayed on the site. This feature is for informational purposes only.


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