What are Payment Processing Fees for Etsy Payments?

When you enroll in Etsy Payments, you agree to pay the payment processing fees incurred from order placed using Etsy Payments.

What are payment processing fees?

Payment processing fees are a set rate plus a percent of the total sale price of the item. This rate and percent vary by country. The fees are taken from the item’s total sale price, including its postage fees, and any applicable sales tax.

Payment processing fees are charged on each transaction that uses Etsy Payments. These processing fees appear in your payment account and are deducted prior to deposit. They are in addition to Etsy's transaction fees.

If you issue a refund for a sale made through Etsy Payments, your payment processing fee will be credited proportionally and applied to the refund amount.

What are the payment processing fees in my country?

The payment processing fees for Etsy Payments orders vary according to the location of your bank account. Please consult the table below for fees in your location.

Note: Etsy Payments processing fees are subject to VAT. VAT will be collected and appear on the VAT invoice for sellers in required locations. Learn more about VAT on Etsy.

Location of Bank AccountFees for Etsy Payments (% of total sale price + flat fee per order)   
Australia (domestic orders)3% + 0.25 AUD
Australia (international orders)4% + 0.25 AUD
Austria4% + 0.30 EUR
Belgium4% + 0.30 EUR
Bulgaria4% + 0.30 EUR
Canada (domestic orders or orders from the US)      3% + 0.25 CAD
Canada (international orders)4% + 0.25 CAD
Croatia4% + 0.30 EUR
Cyprus4% + 0.30 EUR
Czech Republic4% + 0.30 EUR
Denmark4% + 2.50 DKK
Estonia4% + 0.30 EUR
Finland4% + 0.30 EUR
France4% + 0.30 EUR
Germany4% + 0.30 EUR
Greece4% + 0.30 EUR
Hong Kong4.4% + 2.00 HKD
Hungary4% + 0.30 EUR
Indonesia4.5% + 7000 IDR
Ireland4% + 0.30 EUR
Israel4.5% + 2 ILS
Italy4% + 0.30 EUR
Latvia4% + 0.30 EUR
Lithuania4% + 0.30 EUR
Luxembourg4% + 0.30 EUR
Malaysia4.5% + 2 MYR
Malta4% + 0.30 EUR
Mexico4.5% + 10 MXN
Morocco4.5% + 5 MAD
Netherlands4% + 0.30 EUR
New Zealand (domestic orders)3% + 0.30 NZD
New Zealand (international orders)4% + 0.30 NZD
Norway4% + 2.50 NOK
Philippines4.5% + 25 PHP
Poland4% + 0.30 EUR
Portugal4% + 0.30 EUR
Romania4% + 0.30 EUR
Singapore4.4% + 0.35 SGD
Slovakia4% + 0.30 EUR
Slovenia4% + 0.30 EUR
South Africa4.5% + 8 ZAR
Spain4% + 0.30 EUR
Sweden4% + 3.00 SEK
Switzerland4% + 0.50 CHF
Turkey6.5% + 3 TRY
United Kingdom4% + 0.20 GBP
United States3% + 0.25 USD
Vietnam4.5% + 11500 VND


For more information about our fees, please read our Fees & Payments Policy.

For some Etsy Payments countries, there is a minimum deposit amount, along with a fee threshold and a deposit fee. Find out more about deposit fees.

Deposit minimums, fee thresholds, and fees by country:

CountryDeposit MinimumFee thresholdDeposit fee
Indonesia28,000.00 IDR1,400,000.00 IDR28,000.00 IDR
Israel7.00 ILS350.00 ILS7.00 ILS
Malaysia9.00 MYR400.00 MYR8.00 MYR
Mexico40.00 MXN2,000.00 MXN40.00 MXN
Morocco20.00 MAD1,000.00 MAD20.00 MAD
Philippines100.00 PHP5,000.00 PHP100.00 PHP
South Africa35.00 ZAR1,500.00 ZAR30.00 ZAR
Turkey50.00 TRY600.00 TRY42.00 TRY
Vietnam45,000.00 VND2,300,000.00 VND45,000.00 VND


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