How to Change the Email Address on Your Etsy Account

Quick answer: You can change your email address by signing in to on a desktop or mobile device and going to Account Settings.

Account Settings

To change the email address on your Etsy account: 

  1. On, go to Your account and then select Account settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Email section and fill out your new email in the Change your email form.
  3. Select Change Email
  4. An Enter security code window will appear. This security code is sent to the email address currently on file with your Etsy account. Once you get the code, enter it in this field. 
  5. Select Submit

After you change your email address, you must wait 24 hours before you can change it again.

If you don’t have access to your old email address, contact us for help.

How to use your email address on a different Etsy account

An email address can only be attached to one Etsy account at a time. If the email address you want to use is currently attached to another account, you can: 

  1. Change the email address on your old account to a different address that you don't intend to use. 
  2. Update the email address of your active Etsy account to your preferred email address.

Closing an account doesn't free up an email address for use on another account. If you closed your account, you’ll need to: 

  1. Reopen your account
  2. Change the email on your old account to another address that you don't intend to use.
  3. Update the email address of your active Etsy account to your preferred email address.

If you use your own PayPal account on Etsy 

If you're an Etsy seller and accept payments to your own PayPal account, you'll need to update your PayPal email independently from your Etsy account email. Learn how to change your PayPal email address on Etsy.

To create an account, click Sign in, then Register at the top of any Etsy page.

To change your email address, go to your Account Settings and update your information in the Email section.

If you’re getting an error you try to register an account or change your email address, the problem depends on your account situation:

If you’re having trouble registering your account, you can try registering or changing your address from a different location or through a different Wi-Fi network. If you’re on your phone, you can try turning off your Wi-Fi to register using cellular data.

If these options don’t work, it’s possible you won’t be able to register with the email address you’re using as it may be associated with an Etsy account. Instead, enter a different email address that is not already associated with an Etsy account.

It’s possible that the email address you are trying to use is associated with an existing Etsy account. This can happen even if the account has been closed or deactivated and may also be due to an alternate sign-in method you used (Google, Facebook, Apple) that is associated with your preferred email address. We’ve also seen some members have trouble registering for a new Etsy account after they’ve used their email address to complete a guest order.

Check any old account information and, if you need to contact us for help, include any information you may have about an existing account or guest order. This will help us locate your account information, so we can help you use your preferred email address.

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