What Are the Requirements for Listing Photos?

Listing photos should be at least 2000 pixels wide. This allows shoppers use the Zoom button to see the larger image.

To keep your listing photos consistent in size, make sure all of your images have the same dimensions before uploading them. Images with varying sizes will be centred within a light-grey box.

Image orientation

The first photo in a listing should be horizontal (landscape) or square. This ensures that the centre focal point of the image appears in the cropped thumbnail views.


What photos should I use for my listings?

Photos can be one of the most important factors that help shoppers decide to purchase an item. To get customers to buy from your shop, great photos are a good place to start.

Learn more about taking great product photos in the Seller Handbook.


How are listing photos shown on Etsy.com?

Photos are automatically resized on listing pages and search results. Etsy ensures that your photos looks great at all sizes:

  • Dimensions for thumbnails on search results and shop pages = 75 x 75 pixels
  • Dimensions for images on listing pages = 170 x 135 pixels or 155 x 125 pixels

We resize the photo dimensions and crop images from the centre. For the best representation, try to keep the most important part of your item in the centre of the image.

You can adjust your thumbnails to determine how they will look in your shop.

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