Listing Variations

You can use Listing Variations to offer different options within the same listing. For example, if you’re selling a dress with different sizes and colours, you can specify these options in Variations. You can also specify price, quantity and SKU for one or both variations.

A buyer will need to choose from your options while purchasing your item.

Note: Listing Variations are not currently supported for digital item listings.

Adding Variations to a Listing

You’ll be able to choose up to two variations for each item while creating or editing a listing.

Once you add categories to your item, a list of relevant attributes will automatically appear below those categories. To include variations for an item attribute (such as size, colour, or dimension), select I offer more than one from the dropdown menu.

Note: Certain attributes, such as Celebrations or Occasion, can't be varied on.

To add options to each of your variations, scroll down to the Variations section and select Add variations.

We recommend choosing from the list of variations for stronger visibility in Search, but you can also create a new one by clicking Create a new variation. Keep in mind that buyers won’t able to filter their results based on custom variations.

Both of the variations you list can have different price, quantity, and SKU numbers. After you’ve specified your variations, check the boxes that apply to that item attribute and then select Update. Then enter the varied options in the Price, Quantity, or SKU fields.

Note: The price you set for each option is the total price for each version of the item, not an additional cost.

For measurement variations, such as length or size, you'll need to choose a sizing scale. Once you select a unit of measurement, specify the options you offer.

For variations without suggested options, or variations you have added yourself, you can provide your own options.

To change the order of your options, click Edit variations and drag the option to the preferred order.

Each variation will be shown on the listing page if it has an available quantity. To hide a variation, click the toggle under Visible, making the icon gray. This can be done by editing a listing from your Listing Manager.

If you set the quantity for one of your options to “0”, it will appear on the listing page as Sold out.

Additional Information

  • When a buyer purchases from you, you'll see the variations they selected in your Sold Orders, receipts, and transaction notification emails.
  • If a buyer happened to add your item to their cart before you added variations to the item, they won't be prompted to select your options when they check out.
  • If you subscribe to Etsy Plus, shoppers can request an email notification for when a sold out item is back in stock. Learn more about restock requests.
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