Why are my Etsy Payments Funds Processing or Delayed?

If you see a notification or receive an email saying that your order is still processing, it means that the order is being reviewed by Etsy.

Etsy reviews each Etsy Payments transaction to ensure that the order is legitimate. Most orders paid through Etsy Payments process within 72 hours, although processing can occasionally be delayed and take longer

Please know that these additional measures are in place to protect you and other members of the marketplace. When a delay occurs, you'll receive an Etsy notification email letting you know that your order is processing. 

Processing transactions won’t appear on your  Orders page, but you’ll see a message noting “You have processing orders.” Once this is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email and the order will move to your Orders page. 

Please don’t take any action on your order until you've received this confirmation.

Learn more about handling orders that are taking longer than normal to process.

How to find your processing orders

While the order is still processing, it won't appear on your Orders page. Instead, you'll see a message that says, "You have processing orders."

To ensure that your payment processes, wait to dispatch the item until:

  • you receive an email confirmation that the order was processed; or
  • you see that the order has moved to your Orders page.

If you have any orders that have been processing or in the processing state for more than 48 hours, click Contact us at the bottom of this page and we can help out.

What happens if your sale can't be completed

If a sale can’t be completed because of a payment issue, the item will go back up for sale in your shop and we’ll let the buyer know.

Why are my payments delayed?

Deposits to sellers’ bank accounts can be delayed by an order that is still processing. Deposits may also be temporarily delayed by:

  • An issue at Etsy
  • Etsy’s third-party service providers
  • A seller’s bank
  • A sale that is still processing

For sales that are still processing, you'll receive an email from Etsy informing you that your order is currently in a processing state. You'll receive an additional confirmation email when it's complete.

If you recently updated your bank details

If you’ve recently updated your bank details for Etsy Payments, we'll hold funds in your payment account for 5 days to protect your account from any possible misuse.

Once the 5-day hold has lifted, your funds will be disbursed according to the schedule you have selected for your payment account. You can also select Request it now in your payment account to deposit the funds into your bank account.

If your new bank account is located in the EU, Hong Kong, Singapore or Switzerland, you will need to verify your bank account before you can receive any funds from your sales for compliance purposes. Learn how you can verify your bank account.

If you didn’t recently update your bank information, get in touch with Etsy Support by clicking the contact link at the bottom of this page.

If your account privileges are limited

If your account privileges are limited, then Etsy sent you an email letting you know. You’ll need to reply so that we can help you resolve this issue.

Please check the email address associated with your Etsy account. If you have multiple accounts, be sure to check all email addresses.

If you’re unable to locate this email, please contact us directly so that we can look into this further.

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