Yakit Delivery Partner Postage Labels on Etsy

Through our integration with delivery provider Yakit, sellers in India can purchase and print DHL eCommerce postage labels directly in Shop Manager.

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Requirements for postage labels through Yakit

To purchase and use postage labels through Yakit on Etsy, you must:

  • Be an Etsy seller whose shop is located in India;
  • Live in (or have a pickup address in) a PIN code serviceable by Blue Dart (responsible for package pickup)*; 
  • Complete onboarding and verification through the Yakit portal; 
  • Use package pickup for orders dispatched using postage labels on Etsy; and 
  • Agree to Etsy’s Delivery Policy.

*Once you complete onboarding, your address can't be changed.

Labels are only available for export orders at this time. 

You can purchase postage labels on Etsy.com from a desktop computer, or from the mobile site. Currently, you can’t purchase labels on the Sell on Etsy app.

Onboarding and verification

Before you can purchase postage labels on Etsy, you’ll need to onboard with DHL eCommerce through our delivery provider, Yakit. During this process, you'll confirm your Etsy delivery and billing address (to confirm package pickup eligibility) and upload the required documentation.  

Blue Dart handles pickups for international orders dispatched with DHL eCommerce. If you do not live in a PIN code serviceable by Blue Dart, you will not be able to onboard.

To access the Yakit portal, visit your Shop Manager and go to the Yakit link in the banner.  

Required documents:

Once you’re in the portal, DHL eCommerce will ask you to upload the documentation below. If you have questions about the documentation requirements or the upload process,  ask Yakit directly via Y-Chat located in the portal.

Permanent account number (PAN)

This is a ten-digit unique alphanumeric number issued by the income tax department.

Proof of address

This can be a gas bill or other proof of your permanent or home address.  

Pickup address proof (if different from mailing address)

This can be a gas bill or other proof of the location your packages will be picked up from.  

Import Export Code (IEC)

Government-issued license for exporting or importing 

Goods and Services Tax Certificate (GST certificate)

This is a government-issued certificate. If you have sales above a certain threshold, you may need to register as a taxable person.  

Letter of Undertaking (LUT)

Government-issued bank guarantee letter

Authorised Dealer (AD) Code

A 14-digit numerical code provided by the bank where you have  your business account.

DHL Application Form

Application form to do business with DHL

This process can take a while once started. If DHL eCommerce approves your uploaded documents, your account will be verified, and you’ll be able to purchase postage labels on Etsy.

Purchasing postage labels

To buy postage labels on Etsy through Yakit:

  1. Sign in to Etsy.com.
  2. Go to Shop Manager.
  3. Go to Orders & Delivery.
  4. Find the order you want to buy a postage label for.
  5. Select the icon of a van to purchase a postage label.
  6. Under Deliver to on the right side of the page, check that the buyer’s address is correct. If you need to update their address, select Edit.
  7. Fill out the Delivery information for the package. Learn more about delivery information.
  8. Fill out the customs form.
  9. Select Purchase.
  10. Select Review your purchase to view a summary of your purchase.
  11. Confirm the documents you’d like to print. Select Customise options to specify a download preference for your label(s).

A dispatch notification is sent to your buyer on the Dispatch date you selected, and your order is marked as Complete. Now you can print your postage label and schedule a package pickup by Blue Dart.

To see all your purchased labels, select Purchased labels from your Completed orders tab.

What delivery information is required?

The delivery information helps us give you an accurate estimate for the cost of your postage label.  

  • Package weight: The weight of the package
  • Package type: The package type depends on how you package the order.
  • Length, Width, Height: The physical dimensions of your package 
  • Delivery service: The delivery service determines how quickly the order delivers to the buyer, and affects the price of postage.

What customs information is required when delivering internationally?

When purchasing an international label, you must supply the weight, value, and an accurate customs description for each item in this order. This weight and value will be used to calculate the package's totals for customs.

How much do postage labels cost?

The cost of a postage label will depend on the origin, destination, weight, and dimensions of the package.

When you purchase DHL eCommerce postage labels through Yakit for your Etsy packages, you get discounted volume postage rates. These rates are up to 18% lower than the retail rates you would pay at the post office or elsewhere online. Aside from Etsy’s standard fees, there are no additional membership fees to purchase and use postage labels on Etsy.

When you purchase a postage label on Etsy.com, you can preview the cost after you add the package details. The cost of each purchased postage label appears separately in your Payment account.

Scheduling a package pickup

Package pickup is required when using DHL eCommerce postage labels purchased on Etsy. Packages can't be dropped off in person. Pickups are completed by a representative from Blue Dart on behalf of DHL eCommerce. Pickups take place after 12pm IST.

Request a pick-up

To request a pickup, select Request a pickup immediately after a postage label purchase from the purchase confirmation screen.  

If you know you’ll be purchasing additional postage labels later the same day to be included in the same pickup, choose Request later. When you’re ready, you can Request a pickup from the top of your Shop Manager.

By default, all postage labels with a Dispatch date on or before the next available pickup date are included in a pickup request.  

After the pickup request is completed

After the pickup request is completed, you’ll receive an email with a packet list and Blue Dart label to print. Blue Dart will call you to confirm and schedule your pickup. You can communicate any changes to the timing of the pickup with Blue Dart directly. You must confirm all details of your pickup request during this call.

Combine all packages from a single pickup request into one shipment using a bag or box, then attach the packet list and Blue Dart label to the outside. Hand this to the Blue Dart representative who completes the pickup request.

What if I need to add packages to a scheduled package pickup?

How you handle additional packages depends on timing. If it is before 12pm IST:

  1. Select View pickup request at the top of Shop Manager.
  2. Click Add to pickup.
  3. Add the needed packages to the request, then click Add to pickup.

This will create a new request for the same package pickup. Any packages in the new request must be packed together in an additional bag or box.  

You'll receive an additional email containing a new Blue Dart label and packet list that you must affix to the outside of the package.

Confirm the details of your shipment with Blue Dart when they call you.

If it is after 12pm IST on the date of pickup, you will not be able to add requests to your package pickup, and will see an error. Once Blue Dart completes your package pickup request, you can schedule another package pickup.

Available delivery services

We offer DHL eCommerce as a cost-efficient, tracked service to deliver international packages weighing up to 6.5 lbs. We plan to add additional carriers over time aimed at providing more flexible options.

When you purchase a postage label and schedule a pickup, the necessary forms are provided to you. It’s your responsibility to ensure the required information is completed and accurate.

Requesting a refund

You can request a refund for unused labels that have not been added to a pickup request within 14 days of purchase. Unfortunately, labels that have already been added to pickup requests are not eligible for refunds. Learn how to request a refund for a postage label.

Delivery insurance and claims

Supplemental delivery insurance is not available for postage labels purchased through Yakit. However, some delivery methods come with insurance included, noted at time of label purchase.

What insurance is included with my postage label?

DHL eCommerce:

  • Packet Standard/Plus labels include up to 40 EUR in coverage, except for packages destined for Canada
  • Parcel International Direct labels include insurance of the lower of two values: Either 75 EUR, or 25 EUR/kg

As an example, a 1.5kg package delivered via Parcel International Direct includes insurance of 37.50 EUR, while a 4kg package would include 75 EUR.

Claims for included delivery insurance coverage must be filed with Yakit directly.

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