Determining and Adding Postage Rates

If you're based in the US or Canada, you may have USPS or Canada Post postage rates automatically calculated for your orders by using calculated postage. With calculated postage, costs are determined based on the total weight and dimensions of an order, the buyer's address, and the delivery service that the buyer selects during Checkout.

If you still prefer to set your own postage rates, you can use Etsy’s Price Your Postage tool to help determine costs if you use the USPS, or the Price Your Postage tool for Canada Post rates.

Each seller determines their own postage rates.

You can only enter one "One item" and "Each additional item" rate for each country.

We understand that rates can vary due to weight and distance. If you're concerned about this, we recommend you charge a high estimate while explaining in your listing descriptions that you'll refund any extra postage. You can then refund the buyer via the method they paid. You may also want to figure an average, so you may lose money on some packages but gain it back on others.

You're also welcome to note that postage prices vary in your listing descriptions. Ask buyers to contact you prior to purchasing for a more exact postage quote. Then you can edit the listing's postage rate and reserve the listing for your buyer. Learn how to reserve a listing.

These Seller Handbook articles have more resources on setting postage rates:

How do I add postage rates to my listings?

When listing a new item, in the Delivery area, use the dropdown menu next to Dispatch origin to choose the country where your item will be dispatched from.

Next to Fixed postage costs, click Add another location. Once you choose the countries you'd like to deliver to, fill in the postage costs per destination. To remove a country, click the trashcan icon to the right of the country name.

Everywhere Else means everywhere in the world aside from your other postage rates. If you don't want to deliver everywhere, you can still choose the countries you will deliver to and can remove Everywhere Else from your delivery list.

Learn how to add calculated postage rates to your listings.

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