How to List Items in Your Preferred Currency

Your shop currency is a universal setting for all listings in your shop.

To set the currency for your shop:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Shop Manager.
  3. Click Finances.
  4. Click Payment Settings.
  5. Click Currency.
  6. Select your preferred currency.
  7. Choose whether you would like the converted price on your current listings to be rounded to the nearest whole number.
  8. Click Change Shop Currency.

If you have many items currently listed in a different currency, the conversion process could take up to an hour.

Once you choose a preferred shop currency, each new listing you create will be priced in that currency.

How does my currency affect my fees?

The 5% transaction fee charged by Etsy will be assessed on your listing’s price, postage cost, and gift wrap denominated in your shop currency. All fees from Etsy are calculated and converted to your Payment account currency.

How currencies work on Etsy

Shoppers on Etsy can view prices in any of our supported browsing currencies.  Etsy Payments currently processes payments in these supported currencies.

When a seller lists items in a currency other than the currency of their payment account, Etsy will convert the available balance to the seller’s payment account currency. This conversion is reflected in the Payment account. When a conversion is required, Etsy applies a 2.5% currency conversion fee and subtracts it from the sale amount reflected in your Payment account.

If you accept PayPal payments to your own PayPal account instead of through Etsy Payments, these funds are based on the currency of your PayPal account.

For all other international payment methods, such as money order or personal check, you and your buyer should discuss the currency before payment is submitted.

If you don’t choose a specific currency for your shop, the default is United States dollars (USD).

It’s not possible to time the conversion based on rate fluctuations throughout the day.

Can I revert back to my original shop currency?

If you change your shop currency, you can revert back to your original currency and prices within 14 days. If you convert back to your original currency after 14 days, your item prices may not be exactly the same as you originally listed them. This is due to the optional rounding to the nearest whole number, as well as fluctuating currency exchange rates over time.

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