How to Connect a Third-Party Domain to Pattern

If you don’t already have a domain and would like to register one, you can do so from your Pattern Dashboard. Domains purchased through Pattern automatically connect to your Pattern site 24–48 hours after purchase.   Learn more.  

If you purchased a domain through a third party, however, you'll need to direct it to your Pattern site.

Setting A and CNAME records

In order for your domain to properly connect to your Pattern site, you need to set both A and CNAME records.  

  1. Edit your A record information for your root domain.
    • Set up one A record that points to
  2. Edit your CNAME records for your subdomain.
    • Set up a CNAME record (www.) that points to your Etsy-hosted domain, which is

Example of A and CNAME records table in a domain provider. This table shows the Type of domain, the name of the domain, the value of the domain, and the TTL for the domain. The A record has the value The CNAME record has the value or

The A record points to and the CNAME record points to  

Connecting your Pattern site to your domain 

Once your records are set up, you can connect your domain to your Pattern site.  

  1. In your Pattern Dashboard, go to Domains.  
  2. In the Connect an existing domain field, enter your domain in the following format:  
  3. Select Connect.  

Can Etsy connect my domain to Pattern for me?  

Only you are authorised to instruct your domain provider to connect your domain to your Pattern site, so Etsy can't make this connection for you.  

What if my domain doesn't have DNS record management?  

If your domain doesn't have DNS record management and you want to point it to your Pattern site, you can transfer your domain using Hover.

Learn more about connecting your domain to Pattern through Hover.

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