How to Protect Listing Images

Any time you upload a photo publicly to the Internet, it comes with a risk. To help protect your images, we recommend following these tips.

  • If you are selling 2D prints or original artwork, you can use photos of the actual print or work, instead of the digital file or a close-up image. For example, you could use a photo of your print hanging on a wall.

  • Upload images that are exactly 1500 pixels wide. This creates an image large enough to view without blurring, but small enough that a viewer won't be able to save a larger, higher quality file.

  • Incorporate your brand into your images. While some sellers use watermarks, we generally wouldn’t recommend them. Using watermarks makes photos unsuitable for features within Etsy (like Etsy Finds emails), and ineligible for off-site advertising programmes like Google Shopping. Instead of watermarking, if you have a brand associated with your shop — whether it's a logo, a specific font for your shop name, or a packaging style — try including it within your listing image (but not as an overlay). This way everyone will know who made the item.

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