How to Customise Your Pattern Site with the Website Editor

The website editor is where you’ll customise the design and content on your website. We’ll go over how to add new pages to your website, manage existing pages, and choose themes that work best with your inventory.

Managing pages

Open all page options for your website by clicking Pages in the lower right corner of the website editor.

The Pages section includes Home, About, Contact Us, Events, and Gallery pages. All of these pages are optional (except your Home page) and can be easily added or removed from your site.

To remove a page from your site, hover over an individual page in the sidebar and select the gear icon. Click Hide page to remove it temporarily from your site. To permanently remove the page and its content, click Delete.

The website editor will display a preview of your website in the main panel. You can edit content directly from this preview.


The Home page is the main page of your website, and the only page you cannot disable. From here, you have the option to edit your site name, cover photo, or shop icon by clicking the pencil icon within each field.


The About page is an optional page where you can tell the story of your business. If you frequently share your Pattern site via social media, those sites will usually display your first About image.

Note: If you’re adding or changing About photos for your site, we recommend they be at least 1440 x 800 pixels.

You’re welcome to make changes to your About page or completely remove it from your site. Click the gear icon on the sidebar to hide or remove it.

Contact Us

The Contact Us page is a way for you to share your brand’s contact information with buyers.

We'll display a preview of the contact form that buyers will use to send you a message. You can fill out any combination of these contact options:

  • Retail store location

  • Business hours

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Social media links

If you only want to display the contact form, leave all other fields blank.

As you add content to different sections, click the checkmark within each field to save your changes. To see how your contact information appears on your site, select Preview.

If you choose to hide this information, we’ll save any content currently on this page while keeping it hidden from buyers. If you delete this page, no information will be saved.

If you decide not to make this page public, there will still be a Contact Us link at the bottom of the site so visitors can get in touch with you.


This page is where you inform buyers about any events you’re participating in or organising for your business. You could also use this to promote sales or new product launches. The event doesn’t have to be in-person.

You can customise the name of certain fields on this page by using the in-line editor. Click the checkmark to save your changes.

To create an event:

  1. Click Add event.

  2. Complete the fields in the overlay to provide a date, time, description, location, photos, and any helpful links related to the event.

  3. Select Publish to make your event page live.

For past events, once the date or time of an event passes, the event will be moved to the Past Events section. You can delete the event afterward if you don’t want it displayed here.


The Gallery page is where you can post photos that inspire your work or give buyers a closer look at your creative process. Show custom pieces you’ve created in the past, photos of your workspace, or any images that are a source of inspiration for your work.

To add images to your gallery, click Add images. You can add up to 50 photos with captions. If you need to rearrange them, click and drag an image in the overlay,

You can also customise the Gallery page’s title and subheading by clicking into each of the fields. Select the checkmark to save your changes.

Customising your site's design

The Design section of your Pattern Dashboard, allows you to edit your site's:

  • Primary and secondary fonts

  • Background and accent colours

  • Theme

  • Branding

  • Basket style

  • Listing page gallery photo layout

  • Search bar option
  • Reviews option

Any changes you make on the Design page will automatically display in the preview pane. If you do not wish to save the edits you’ve made, click Back and Clear changes and continue.

Be sure to publish your changes to make them live on your site.


Click the Headline dropdown menu to select a primary font for your site. This will set the primary heading font across your Pattern site, including your site title, category headings, and listing titles on product pages.

Click the Body dropdown menu to select a secondary font for your site. This font is used for the navigation bar, basket buttons, listing descriptions, footer links, and other areas of your site.

Background colour

Use the Background colour dropdown menu to change the background of your Pattern site. You'll see a palette of recommended colour options. Select any of the preset options, or click the colour wheel on the right to open up a full colour chart to set a custom colour or enter a specific colour code.

Accent and button colour

Click the Accent & button colour dropdown menu to change the colour of the buttons and accents on your site. The Accent & button colour presets will change depending on what colour you select as a background colour. Select any of the preset colour options, or click on the colour wheel on the right to open up a full colour chart to set a custom colour or enter a specific colour code.

Note: Depending on the theme you’re using, you may need to click on a product image in your preview pane to see the accent colour you’ve chosen.


This is where you’ll customise the layout of your website and inventory. Select from a variety of themes that highlight your featured items, shop sections, and About page. Learn more about your theme options here.


Click the Brand box to select how you’d like your branding to be displayed on your website. You can display your site name, shop icon, or both. To customise content for each of these fields, click into the appropriate field and make changes directly on the page. Click the checkmark to save your changes.

Note: Any updates you make to your Pattern site won't affect your Etsy shop. If you need to make changes to your Etsy shop, visit

Basket style

Use the Basket style dropdown menu to choose a basket display option for your website.

  • Dropdown opens up a small box underneath the Basket button at the top of the screen.

  • Slide out opens up an overlay on the right side of the screen.

  • Overlay opens up a window in the centre of the screen.

All basket styles give buyers the option to proceed to Checkout, or to continue shopping.

Listing page layout

The Listing page dropdown menu shows options for the way gallery photos are displayed on a listing page.

  • Stacked photos displays all your listing photos on the page at once, one on top of the other.

  • Photo gallery displays the primary listing photo, with the ability to sideways scroll through the other photos.

You can also click on a photo to open a gallery slideshow, which displays the images at a larger size.

Search bar option

Click the Search box to turn search functionality on or off for your Pattern site. When turned on, visitors can use the search box to look for specific items on your site. When turned off, visitors can browse your products from the homepage or shop section navigation.

When turned on, visitors can see buyer reviews for listings purchased via Etsy. Reviews will show only on listing pages. Each listing will show only reviews for that corresponding listing on

Note: Buyers who purchase from your Pattern site are unable to leave reviews at this time.

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