Getting Started With Pattern

Pattern helps you build a website as unique as your brand and expand your online sales beyond the Etsy marketplace.

If you create a website through Pattern, we’ll automatically import most content and inventory from your Etsy shop. You’ll be able to customise the imported content and listings for your website.

Pattern provides you with a personalised, separate website for your business. Although inventory is synced and managed centrally through Shop Manager, your Pattern site is not connected to the Etsy marketplace, meaning your Pattern website will not be surfaced via Etsy's search function.

To learn more about Pattern, check out these resources:

To get started with Pattern, visit this link. You can also get to Pattern by going to Shop Manager and clicking Add channels under Sales Channels. Click Get started below the Pattern icon.

You can preview Pattern and experiment with the available customisation options to build a site. If you'd like to test out other parts of the site, enroll in the 30-day free trial period.

Please note that your free trial period will not begin until you follow these steps:

  1. Use the Preview button to see what your site will look like.
  2. Click Start free trial.
    • You'll see a popup window that explains billing information, and you'll have to click Start free trial once more. This is when your 30-day trial will begin.

You can cancel any time during the 30-day trial and you will not be charged for Pattern.

  • To cancel, go to the Settings section of your Pattern Dashboard. You will be asked to complete a one-question survey, and then click Submit to confirm your cancellation.

Read more about the policies for using Pattern.

Pattern Dashboard

This is your starting point for building and publishing your Pattern site. From here, you can control your site's appearance and settings.

Under the “Welcome” message on your Dashboard is your site's overview. This is where we’ll display Stats, Pattern Messages, Pattern Orders, Listings, and Pattern Help.

Pattern Stats

The Stats section of your Pattern Dashboard shows a summary of your Pattern site activity for the last 12 months. You can also change the time frame in the dropdown menu.

Clicking on Views, Orders, or Revenue will give you a more in-depth picture of your site's activity.

To learn more about Pattern Stats, visit this article.

Pattern Messages

This link will take you to your Messages inbox on Etsy. The number to the right of your Pattern Messages link will let you know how many messages your website has received.

Once in your Messages inbox, any messages from your Pattern site will have a tag so you know which messages came through your website and which came from members on Etsy.

You can learn more about how Pattern Messages work by reading over this article.

Pattern Orders

Clicking here will take you to your Completed Orders page on Etsy. The number to the right of this link will let you know how many new orders you've received through your Pattern website.

On your Completed Orders page, your Pattern orders are marked with a tag so you can see which orders are from your site and which are from your Etsy shop.

You can manage Pattern orders the same way you manage those from your Etsy shop.

Listings in Shop Manager

This link will take you to to the Listings section of your Shop Manager on Etsy.

We’ll automatically import all listings from your Etsy shop to your website, but you can customise which ones you want to display on Pattern. You can also create Pattern-only listings. These items don’t need to follow our handmade, vintage, or craft supplies policies, but they must comply with our Prohibited Items Policy).

To learn more about Pattern listings, check out this guide.

Customising content for your site

The remaining tabs on the navigation menu take you to customisable areas of your site. Check out these guides to learn more about each section:

The Pattern Dashboard also includes a link to the Success Center. Success Center provides educational resources that help you manage and grow your business.

Building your website

All listings in your Etsy shop automatically appear on your Pattern website, and you have the option to remove listings from Pattern or add new listings that appear only on your website. Your Pattern listings that also appear on will need to follow all of Etsy’s policies.

Your Pattern-only listings don’t need to follow our handmade, vintage, or craft supply policies. However, they still need to adhere to our Prohibited Items Policy.

The table below contains an overview of your Etsy shop content and the available options for this content on Pattern.

ContentAvailable options
Shop/website nameWebsite name imports from your Etsy shop name, and can be edited for your Pattern website. Learn more.
Shop iconAutomatically imports from your Etsy shop and can be changed in the Website editor tab of your Pattern Dashboard.
Shop cover photoAvailable for certain themes and can be managed from the Website editor tab.
Story headlineImports from your Etsy shop and can be edited from the Website editor tab of the Pattern Dashboard.
StoryImports from your Etsy shop and can be edited from the Website editor tab of the Pattern Dashboard.
Shop photosImports from your Etsy shop and can be edited from the Website editor tab of the Pattern Dashboard.
Shop policiesImports from your Etsy shop. Policies can't be edited or changed for Pattern. Learn more.
All listings are imported from your Etsy shop, and they display in the same order they appear on Etsy. You have the option to edit listing titles and descriptions, remove listings from Pattern, or create Pattern-only listings. Learn more.
Shop sectionsShop sections mirror those of your Etsy shop and are managed through the Listings section of your Shop Manager. If a shop section contains items that are only listed on Pattern, the shop section will appear only on your Pattern website, and vice versa.
Buyer reviewsBuyer reviews from purchases will show on your Pattern site. Only reviews specific to a certain listing will appear on that listing’s page. You can toggle this option on or off.
Shop updatesUse the Announcement Banner on the Marketing tab of your dashboard to write a promotional message or shop update at the top of your Pattern website. This is separate from the announcements in your Etsy shop.
Shop videosNot included on your Pattern website.
Shop membersShop members, including you as the owner, are not displayed on Pattern.
Shop linksImports from your Etsy shop. Links can't be edited or changed for Pattern.
Production partner infoNot included on your Pattern website.
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