Items Appearing in Google Shopping

Note: This article is for members who are using the free Shopping Engine Ads. If you're enrolled in a paid Google Shopping campaign, check out this Help article on ad placement.

Google Shopping displays items from all over the Internet through paid advertising. Etsy has invested in this on behalf of its sellers if you're enrolled in Shopping Engine Ads.

Keep in mind that your items may or may not appear at any given time in Google’s ad rotation. While Etsy sends your eligible listing information to Google Shopping, Google ultimately controls what items are shown, in what order, and when.

Check your Etsy Stats

One way to confirm that your items are showing in Google Shopping is to check your Stats. Views you’ve received will appear in your stats as Google Shopping. Learn more about Stats.

Please note that Stats will only display views when a shopper actually clicks on your items. Impressions (the number of times your item was actually seen on the page) are not tracked in Stats.

Therefore, low or no traffic from Google Shopping ads usually means that your items are not being clicked on by shoppers, not that they're being indexed incorrectly.

Stats may show your traffic as coming from Google or

Make sure you're eligible

Please be sure that your listings are eligible to appear in Google Shopping by reviewing Google’s editorial policies. Note that listing images containing watermarks are not eligible per Google’s policies, and that Google’s policies for mature or prohibited items may be stricter than Etsy’s policies.

To learn more about these policies, please refer to Google’s guidelines for Google Shopping.

Check out this article from our Seller Handbook for tips to make your photos publicity-ready.


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