Editing and Displaying Your Production Partner Information

Etsy allows sellers to build responsible relationships with production partners who can assist sellers with making the items they’ve designed.

Not all sellers need production assistance, but there are a few reasons you might.

For instance, maybe you don’t have the technical ability or equipment necessary to make your items. Or maybe your shop is taking off and you need help keeping up with demand. If you choose to work with a partner, you must follow our Handmade policy and disclose any production partners you work with on all applicable listings.

Note: On the Sell on Etsy app, production partners can only be edited while adding or editing a listing. As an alternative, you can access Etsy.com on your device’s web browser.

How to add a production partner

  • While adding or editing a listing, you’ll see a section for Production partners

Select Add a new production partner to fill out a form telling Etsy and the community about your partnership. (Only the information not marked Private will be shared publicly in your shop.)

  1. Next to Production partner, enter your partner’s business name. If you don’t want to share the name publicly, you’ll still need to do so with Etsy, but you can select to keep the name private on your listings and in the About section of your shop. In that case, a field will appear for you to add a title that describes what kind of business they are. This will be public.
  2. Enter your partner’s city, state, province, etc. As you type, select from the list that appears.
  3. In the About production partner field, explain how you work with them. You may want to add things like the types of services they provide for you, why you chose them and why they’re great to work with.
  4. The answers you select in the About your partnership dropdown menus are only for Etsy’s internal use. These won’t show up in your public shop pages.
  5. Preview how this will look on your shop’s About section, if you have one. Your partner’s business name or descriptive title will appear, along with their location and your About your partnership description.

Note: The About your partnership description won’t appear on linked listings, but your partner’s location and business name or descriptive title will.

Remove a production partner from your listing(s)

De-select the partner while editing an individual listing.

Or, in the Listings, select each listing and choose More Actions > Production partners. De-select the partner and be sure to Update.

Edit a production partner

Edit or delete your production partner by going to Shop Manager > Settings > Production partners and clicking Edit or the X on the right.

You can also select Edit to the right of the partner while editing a listing or in the Listings section of Shop Manager under (More or Bulk) Actions > Production partners.

Note: These changes will automatically be reflected on all linked listings.

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