What Are Package Preferences for Calculated Postage?

If you use calculated postage, Etsy calculates the box size needed for your order. To see a list of the default Etsy packages and their dimensions click the ? next to Use common Etsy package sizes.

Etsy calculates the type of box to place the order in from among your preferences and Etsy’s default sizes, if enabled. If an item is larger than any of the available preferences, we’ll use the item’s size as the package size.

Custom package preferences you set up can also be selected when purchasing a postage label.

How is a package size selected for an order?

Calculated postage automatically calculates the smallest and cheapest package to use for each order based on the selected mail class and the total weight and dimensions for the order.

How to select your package preferences

If you dispatch your items using box sizes other than the default Etsy box sizes, you can add your prefered box sizes under in Package Preferences:

  1. On Etsy.com, click Shop Manager.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Delivery settings.
  4. Click the Package preferences tab.
  5. Click Add a package preference.
  6. You can choose a pre-populated Package type, or select Custom if your prefered box size isn’t included.
  7. For US sellers, you can add an optional Package fee. This fee will be applied to an order when this package preference is used, regardless of the number of items in the order. The package fee is in addition to any handling fees that you set as part of your calculated delivery profiles.
  8. Click Save.

Once you add your Package Preferences you will have the option whether or not to use common Etsy package sizes in addition to the preferences that you set. You can uncheck Use common Etsy package sizes to only use the preference you add.

If the item size is greater than any of the preferences you’ve set up, we’ll use the item’s dimensions.

For sellers in Canada, package fees and pre-populated package types are not available.

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