How to Purchase Royal Mail, USPS, and Australia Post Postage Labels

You can buy postage labels directly through Etsy. This means fewer trips to the post office and more time to create and sell your wares.

To purchase Royal Mail, USPS, and Australia Post postage labels on

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Shop Manager.
  3. Click Orders & Delivery.
  4. Find the order you want to buy a postage label for.
  5. Click the icon of a van to purchase a postage label.
  6. Under Get postage labels for, check that your address is correct. If you need to update your address, click Edit.
  7. Under Deliver to on the right side of the page, check that the buyer’s address is correct. If you need to update their address, click Edit.
  8. Fill out the Delivery information for the package. Learn more about delivery information.
  9. If you’re dispatching this order internationally, fill out the customs form.
  10. Click Review your purchase to view a summary of your purchase.
  11. Add or edit your note to the buyer. This note is included with the dispatch notification that's automatically sent on the Dispatch Date you set for this label.
  12. Confirm the documents you’d like to print. Click Customise options to specify a download preference for your label(s).
  13. Click Purchase.

A dispatch notification is sent to your buyer, and your order is marked as Complete.You can then print your postage label.

To see all your purchased labels, click Purchased labels from your Completed orders tab.

Learn how to purchase FedEx and Canada Post postage labels.

What delivery information is required?

The delivery information helps us give you an accurate estimate for the cost of your postage label. 

  • Package weight: The weight of the package.
  • Package Type: The Package Type depends on how you package the order.
  • Length, Width, Height: The physical dimensions of your package. Fill out the package length, width, and height.
  • Delivery service: The delivery service determines how quickly the order delivers to the buyer, and affects the price of postage.

What customs information is required when delivering internationally?

When purchasing an international label, you must supply the total package weight and an accurate customs description for each item in this order. You can also add an optional tariff number.

Documentation requirements vary by service and destination. Be sure to confirm what is needed on the carrier's site before sending. It’s your responsibility to ensure the required information is completed.

Learn more about the customs information.

How do I buy a label with calculated postage?

Sellers using USPS or Canada Post can use calculated postage on Etsy. With calculated postage, the package details you set are automatically imported into the postage label purchase page.

To buy a postage label created with calculated postage, double-check the details and click Confirm and buy. You can edit or change the package details for your orders before purchasing your label.

Why buy postage labels from Etsy?

With postage labels bought from Etsy:

  • There are no additional fees from Etsy to use Etsy Postage Labels.
  • Compensation coverage is included in varying amounts.
  • Label information is automatically added to your Etsy orders, and you can review it directly on
  • Labels can be used to deliver both domestic and international orders.
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