I Received an Email About an Order I Didn’t Place

If you received an email from Etsy about an order that you didn’t place, a few things may have happened:

  • Someone may have misspelt their email address when registering for an Etsy account
  • Someone may have created an Etsy account using your email address
  • Someone may have placed an order from a computer where you were logged into Etsy

If you didn’t place this order or you believe your account has been compromised, click Contact Etsy Support.

Contact Etsy Support


If you have an issue with a purchase, either that you made that has an issue, or that you did not make, choose an option relevant to your issue. If none of this helps, click I still need help.

You can find orders you purchased with your Etsy account on your Purchases page:

  1. On Etsy.com or the Etsy app, click the You icon.
  2. Click Purchases and reviews.

If you can't find an order on your Purchases page, you may have:

If you haven’t received your order, you should check if the shop dispatched your order yet. To check if your order was dispatched, go to your Purchases and reviews. To the right of your order, you’ll see either Not Dispatched, Dispatched, or Delivered.

  • If your order is Not Dispatched yet, contact the shop to see when the seller will ship your order.
  • If your item is Dispatched, check if the seller added tracking information. Tracking information is provided by the delivery carrier and usually provides updates on where your order is in transit.
  • If your item is Dispatched, and no tracking information was provided, contact the seller to see if they have tracking information for your order.

If you’ve already checked on your order status, and the seller hasn’t been able to help, you may want to open a case. A case is a formal way to file a complaint against a shop. You can file a case after the date when your order should arrive.

To start a case, click Choose your order and select the order. Click Open a case at the bottom of the page.

If you don’t see the option to open a case, it may be too soon to file a case.

Choose your order


If you see a purchase or credit card charge you don’t recognise, check with any family members, friends or co-workers who may have had access to your device or permission to use your card.  

If you believe your Etsy account has been compromised, log in to change your password and enable two-factor identification:

  1. From your Account settings, scroll down to Password and change your Etsy password.
  2. Then, click the Security tab.
  3. Under Two-Factor Authentication, toggle on your preferred two-factor authentication method.
  4. Click the gear icon and follow the steps to finish setting up two-factor authentication. 

If you still need help, you’ll be asked to provide as much information as possible to help us resolve your issue. For your security, please don’t include your full bank account information.


If you received a message about an older purchase being dispatched, it’s possible that the seller forgot to mark that they’d dispatched the order previously. 

You shouldn't be receiving another item in the mail. This is an automated email from Etsy when the seller marks it as dispatched.

If you don’t recognise the order in the dispatch notification, please click I still need help and we can look into this.

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