Why Did My Shop Receive a Customer Service Warning?

If your shop received a Customer Service Warning email, it means that your buyers are unsatisfied with the customer service your shop is providing. On Etsy, shops are expected to offer great customer service to Etsy buyers. Great customer service is what helps buyers trust shops and Etsy with their business.

We measure customer service through Order Dissatisfaction Rate (ODR). This is the number of orders with low reviews (two stars or less) or cases against your shop divided by the number of orders a shop received, over a given period of time. 

This article provides information about what may happen if a shop’s customer service doesn’t meet Etsy’s Service Level Standards and tips to prevent unsatisfied buyers.

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If you didn’t receive a Customer Service Warning email, your shop is currently in good standing with Etsy. 

When is a Customer Service Warning email sent to a shop?

If a shop receives a Customer Service Warning from Etsy’s Trust & Safety team, this means that the shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate is above the acceptable threshold. Shops that have a high ODR will need to show sustainable customer service improvement, and maintain an ODR below 1%, in order to continue selling on Etsy. 

We understand low reviews and cases may occur on occasion and can be a normal and accepted part of business. Etsy’s ODR is intended to prevent patterns of unsatisfied buyers from continuing in a shop. 

For shops otherwise compliant with Etsy’s policies and expectations, warnings will only be sent if a shop meets all of the following criteria:

  • The shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate that is 1% or higher
  • The shop has three or more orders with a case or low review since its first sale
  • The shop has two or more orders placed within a 60 day evaluation period that resulted in a case or low review 

What does Order Dissatisfaction Rate mean?

Etsy considers a shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate to be a reliable measurement of the quality of customer service provided to its buyers. It is the percentage of a shop’s orders where buyers expressed they had an unsatisfactory customer experience through either of the following: 

  • leaving a review of two stars or less 
  • opening a case

Cases and low reviews are strong indicators that buyers aren’t receiving the customer service they expect from a shop. Etsy expects a shop to have less than 1% of their orders result in an unsatisfactory customer experience.

Why are low reviews and cases part of the Order Dissatisfaction Rate?

When a customer leaves a low review (two stars or less) or opens a case, it indicates they aren’t satisfied with either the product or experience they received from a shop. Common reasons for unsatisfied customers are:

  • the order was not delivered on time
  • the item(s) delivered was different from what the buyer expected, based on the listing description and images
  • the shop insufficiently handled issues reported to the shop through Etsy Messages

Low reviews are considered part of a shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate, even if the review is later changed (reviews removed for policy violations may not apply). Cases are considered part of a shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate, regardless of the resolution of the case.

How is a shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate evaluated after a warning?

After a shop receives a Customer Service Warning email, Etsy will review the shop again within 90 days. 

A shop must remain in good standing with Etsy by providing customer service that is reliable, attentive, and sets clear expectations. This means that:

  • orders are dispatched within the set processing times
  • items are accurately described in the listing images and descriptions
  • buyer concerns are resolved respectfully and promptly, and steps are taken to prevent repeat issues

Orders placed 30 days or more before a warning aren’t included in the next review, but Etsy may review the overall level of customer service buyers receive during this 90 day period. 

How to improve your shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate

You can improve your shop’s ODR by focusing on future orders and meeting customer expectations. Some of the best ways to meet these expectations are by dispatching on time, ensuring your listings and shop policies are accurate, and answering buyer questions quickly.

Here are some resources to help improve a shop’s customer service:

What happens if I don’t improve my shop's Order Dissatisfaction Rate?

Shops can receive up to two Customer Service Warnings. Shops that have received two warnings and continue to provide unsatisfactory customer service will be placed under review for permanent suspension. Etsy may contact a shop regardless of its ODR if it receives a higher volume of buyer complaints in a short period of time.

If a seller is involved with multiple shops on Etsy, each shop will be evaluated.

How to use the Customer Service Performance dashboard

After receiving a Customer Service Warning email, shops have access to the Customer Service Performance dashboard. The dashboard can be used to identify the type of issues buyers face, and shows you: 

  • A list of recent low reviews and cases
  • Your shop’s daily Order Dissatisfaction Rate
  • The date(s) a Customer Service Warning was issued to your shop
  • The date when Etsy will evaluate a shop next

The link to the Customer Service Performance dashboard is in the Customer Service Warning email your shop received.

If you received a Customer Service Warning email, it means that you shop isn’t meeting Etsy’s expectations for sellers. You have 90 days from the day you received this email to improve your customer experience.

Look at the low reviews, cases, and concerns buyers share with you to help you understand the issues your buyers face. Make adjustments in your shop to improve buying experiences.

Make sure that:

If you received a Customer Service Warning email, this means that too many of your orders resulted in low reviews or cases. The Etsy community relies on its sellers to provide consistently excellent customer service.

Etsy expects shops to have less than 1% of their orders result in a low review or case. We understand that not every order will go as planned, so shops that are below this expectation are in good standing.

Learn more about Customer Service Warnings.

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