How Do I Verify My Domain for Facebook Shops?

When adding Etsy listings to Facebook or Instagram Shops, you’ll get a prompt from Facebook to verify your domain. You’ll need to verify your domain on using a code generated by Facebook Business Manager. 

To verify your domain on

  1. Login to Facebook Business Manager and navigate to domain verification page.
  2. Add a new domain and enter your shop URL in this format: 
  3. Copy the meta-tag verification code provided by Facebook. 
  • Navigate to the meta-tag verification tab.
  • Copy just the alpha-numerical characters in quotation marks at the end of the code.
  • Sign in to
  • Go to Shop Manager
  • Click Settings
  • Click Facebook Shops
  • Paste your verification code from Facebook into the Your domain verification code box. 
  • Click Confirm
  • Return to Facebook Business Manager domain verification page and click Verify.

You’ll see a confirmation that your domain is verified. You can now add products to your Facebook catalogues using your listing URL:

Note that in addition to Etsy’s Terms of Use, your use of Facebook or Instagram Shops for your Etsy Listings is a product of Facebook, Inc., and is subject to Facebook’s Terms of Service (including its Business Terms of Service).

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