The Etsy Seller Preview App

Etsy Seller Preview is a version of our newest Sell on Etsy app where sellers can test and give us feedback about the app and its features. You can download the Etsy Seller Preview app from the App Store or Google Play.

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Why should I use the Etsy Seller Preview app?

We want to create the best possible experience for selling on Etsy from your phone. The Etsy Seller Preview app is a work in progress where we’re building and improving some features. By using the Etsy Seller Preview app and providing feedback, you can let us know what’s working, what’s not, and what you want to see next. 

You can still use the original Sell on Etsy app. If you find something that doesn’t work on Etsy Seller Preview, you can use the existing Sell on Etsy app or Shop Manager in your web browser. 

How can I provide feedback on my experience with the Etsy Seller Preview app?

If you have feedback about the Preview app, select Submit Feedback from the app’s homescreen. This feedback is very important to us and informs future decisions for the app.

What’s new in the Etsy Seller Preview app?

We’re working to add new functionality for features you need to sell on the go. Select a section to learn more:

  • Stats Overview: In your stats overview, you’ll see your past 7 day stats on your views, visits, orders, and revenue. You can see more in the Marketing tab.
  • Shop Advisor: View reminders about notable things in your shop that might need attention, such as a listing that's about to expire, an overdue bill, or a new case.
  • Shop Checklist: The shop checklist provides helpful information on shop management, including reminders on setting up free delivery, links to Help Centre articles on shop management features, and any required updates to keep your shop running smoothly.

  • Complete orders: Complete and add tracking to orders.
  • Increased customer info: Repeat buyer badge on orders, orders shown by the buyer who purchased them.
  • Purchase and print postage labels for US domestic orders only.
  • One step order cancellation and refund
  • Quick message access: Directly open the existing message thread when viewing an order on the Orders page.

  • Quick order access: When a buyer places an order, a shortcut to the order details will show at the top of your message thread with that buyer.
  • Easy image upload: Upload and send photos within a message thread (also available in current Sell on Etsy app).

  • Listing search: Search by listing title or SKU, and see the low quantity alert on listings.
  • Listing order: Sort by recently modified, listing status, or top selling.
  • Shop sections: Edit or add listings shown in existing shop sections.
  • Listing performance: See your listing performance and add listings to your ad campaign or feature on your shop homepage.

  • Shop performance: Understand your overall shop performance and how it compares to previous time periods.
  • Manage or start an ad campaign
  • Start a sale or create a coupon

What are the limitations of the Preview app?

If you find something that doesn’t work on the beta version of the app, you can use the usual Sell on Etsy app or Shop Manager in your web browser. 

Who can use the Etsy Seller Preview app?

Anyone can download the Etsy Seller Preview app by searching for it in the iOS or Android app store. The app is currently only available in English.

Why are there two versions of the app?

In 2022, we plan on replacing the current Sell on Etsy app with this new version of the app. We plan on adding more existing functionality of the current app before this new version replaces the current Sell on Etsy app.

We recognise how important the Sell on Etsy app is to running a business on-the-go and we want to continue to invest in the selling app. We’re excited to make this investment so we can keep bringing new improvements to the app!

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