How to Print or Frame Your Digital Purchase

If you’re located in the US, you may see an option to print or frame your digital download through the third-party companies Printify or Shutterfly. 

Since this is an experiment that’s currently available to a limited audience, you may not see this option even if you’re located in the US.  

We’re testing out both companies with different audiences of buyers, so you’ll see either the Printify or Shutterly option, but not both. 

Where will I see the option to print or frame my digital item? 

After you complete your digital purchase on Etsy in one of the eligible categories, the option to print or frame your item using Printify or Shutterfly may appear in three places:

  • The Thank You confirmation page
  • The receipt page
  • The Downloads page

These options will only appear on and will not appear on the Etsy app.

Select Go to Printify or Go to Shutterfly and you’ll be directed to that site in a new tab where you can explore options for printing or framing your digital item and complete the transaction for printing or framing.  

Make sure you download your digital purchase on Etsy so you can upload it to one of the sites. 

Where do I find information about my Printify or Shutterfly order? 

You’ll receive a separate email from Printify or Shutterfly confirming your purchase.

If you need to view your order details or delivery information, sign in to Printify or Shutterfly. Those details aren’t available in your Etsy account. 

Reach out to Printify or Shutterfly support directly if you have questions or concerns regarding your purchase from them. The Etsy seller won’t have access to information about your Printify or Shutterfly order. 

Can I mention my experience with Printify or Shutterfly in my Etsy review? 

When you leave a review on Etsy, please be sure to only leave your review based on your digital purchase and your experience with the seller, not the item or experience with Printify or Shutterfly. 

It’s best to send your feedback to Shutterfly or Printify directly, since the seller has no control over your experience with these companies. If you give a seller a negative review and mention Printify or Shutterfly as the reason, the review could be flagged and removed. 

What are the terms and conditions?

Shutterfly and Printify are third-party printing vendors. When you choose to print or frame a digital purchase, you place an order directly with them, and not with Etsy or any Etsy seller. The printing vendor’s terms of service and privacy policy apply to the print order and their use of your data. You’re solely responsible for the content you print, and for ensuring you have all the rights and licences necessary to do so.

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