What are Etsy's Picks?

Items with an Etsy’s Pick badge are chosen by Etsy style experts to highlight items from shops that have shown quality, reliability and style.

  • Quality: The item comes from a shop which may be well-rated by buyers.
  • Reliability: The shop gives a great customer experience, such as dispatching orders on time and resolving customer issues.
  • Style: The item has elevated photography and presentation.

Etsy’s Pick badges are reviewed daily to ensure the quality and reliability factors are maintained, and items highlighted may change over time. Sellers don’t pay or apply to have their products considered for the badge. Etsy staff members who sell on Etsy are excluded from badge eligibility. If you’re a seller, learn how to increase your chances of getting an Etsy’s Pick badge.

Etsy’s Pick factors are based solely on listing content provided by the seller, and the seller’s and item’s performance on Etsy.com. An Etsy’s Pick badge highlights items that are selected by Etsy’s style experts and isn't intended to represent an item as safe or free of errors, nor is it intended to warrant, endorse, or otherwise approve the listing or its accuracy.

Learn more about searching on Etsy and finding the best item for you.

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