How to Offer Gift Services

Many purchases on Etsy are gifts. Buyers can mark the order as a gift during checkout, and can also send the recipient a gift teaser through email. When you print a packing slip, the slip will automatically omit the breakdown of what the buyer paid.

You can offer gift wrapping and gift message services:

  1. On, go to Shop Manager.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Choose Options.

How to offer gift wrapping services

To offer gift wrapping services:

  1. From Options, scroll down to Offer gift wrapping.
  2. Select Enable and set price.
  3. Enter a price per order for your gift wrapping service. This fee will be applied to each order, not to individual items in the order. You can’t set the price to 0.
  4. You can also upload an optional photo. Upload a photo to really give shoppers a good idea of the kind of gift wrap you're providing.
  5.  You can include an optional message to the buyer. Provide some specific information about your wrapping paper. Include details like how the item will be wrapped or if there are any instructions the buyer may need to know. 

How to offer gift message services

To offer gift message services:

  1. From Options, scroll down to Offer gift messages.
  2. Select Enabled.

The buyer can include a gift message when they checkout. If they select to include a gift message in their order, all you'll have to do is print out the packing slip and place it in with their package.

The gift message will include:

  • The buyer's custom message
  • Your shop name
  • The item purchased

In Shop Manager when viewing an order from a buyer who marked an item as a gift, you will see the gift message included as well as the message the buyer has entered.

Even if you have gift messages disabled, you will still see this information on your buyer’s order but there is no action you need to take on your end. 

The message the buyer entered when marking an item as a gift is sent to the gift’s recipient through a gift teaser email. 

Can I disable buyers marking an order as a gift?

You can't disable a  buyer’s ability to mark an order as a gift. However, if you don't want to offer gift wrapping or gift message services, you can disable those options.

When a buyer marks an order as a gift, the price of the order is removed from the invoice. You don't need to take any further action unless you offer and the buyer also selected gift wrap or message services.

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