Why Was My Listing Removed by Etsy?

Listings may be inactive if they expire or sell out, or if you deactivate them.

Learn more about inactive listings.

Listings may also be inactive if your shop is suspended. Many causes of a suspension can be quickly resolved on your own, or by working with our team to resolve the issue. Learn what to do when your account is suspended.

Also, to ensure our members have safe and positive experiences in our marketplace, we may remove listings that we have reason to believe may violate our policies. 

Etsy may remove listings that violate the following policies: 

In addition to our policies, items listed on Etsy are required to comply with all applicable laws.

If your listing was removed by Etsy, check your email inbox for a message regarding the removal of your listings. If you have further questions, please see our Seller Policy for more information on the types of items allowed in our marketplace.

View your inactive listings.

My listing contains mature content

While Etsy supports sellers' creative freedom and personal expression, we want to keep our marketplace appropriate for a general audience.

If your listing was removed for mature content that violates our policy, the quickest way to resolve this is to create a new listing that follows our Listing Mature Content Correctly policy.

If you’d like to have us reinstate the removed listing, you can edit it to meet our policy and contact support once it’s ready by choosing Contact support at the bottom of this page. It may take up to approximately 7 days for our agents to review your changes and reply.

Per our Mature Content Policy, certain nudity and sexual imagery are permitted on Etsy, but items depicting human genitalia, sexual activity, and certain other kinds of explicit content must be presented appropriately.

This means:

  • Your first listing image should be family-friendly. Mature content must be entirely removed, censored, or cropped so that it isn’t visible in the thumbnails of your first photos.
  • Subsequent images may show the content uncensored, as long as it is in line with the policy.

For a visual guide to properly listing mature content, see this article from the Seller Handbook.

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