What's New for Sellers?

Stay up to date with the latest changes for Etsy sellers. Here you’ll find updates on new features, Etsy policy, and site changes that can impact how you manage your shop. 

This article is meant to give sellers an overview of important changes at a glance, and some updates may not be listed here. Etsy News, the Etsy Forums and Site Updates in the Seller Handbook also have a variety of information on what’s new at Etsy.  

January 2023

Account suspension:

  • If your account privileges were permanently suspended due to a policy violation and you’d like to continue selling on Etsy, you can file an appeal with Etsy in the Appeals Center. Learn more.


  • Priority Mail products purchased through Etsy can now qualify for cubic pricing. Cubic pricing is based on a package's size and distance traveled rather than its weight. This can be beneficial for sellers who ship heavy, small items.

Etsy Policy Update: 

Mexico sellers:

December 2022

The Etsy Seller App: 

November 2022

Shop Management:

  • Introduction of weekly auto replies: Sellers now have the ability to set up a recurring weekly auto reply schedule. Messages a seller receives outside of their availability will have an auto reply sent in response.


October 2022

Shop Management:


  • Update to Bank Verification for US Sellers: Sellers with bank accounts located in the US are now required to verify their bank account with Plaid while opening a shop or any time you update your bank details.

Site Layout Changes: 

  • The Address tab in Shop Manager has been moved from the Payments Settings page and is now located in the Legal and tax info page.

The Etsy Seller App: 

The following actions can now be performed through the Etsy Seller App:

  • Sellers can now apply item attributes to their listings through the app. 
  • Listing videos can now be edited directly from the app. 
  • Custom orders can be created through the app. 
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