What's New for Sellers?

Stay up to date with the latest changes for Etsy sellers. Here you’ll find updates on new features, Etsy policy, and site changes that can impact how you manage your shop. 

This article is meant to give sellers an overview of important changes at a glance, and some updates may not be listed here. Etsy News, the Etsy Forums and Site Updates in the Seller Handbook also have a variety of information on what’s new at Etsy.

May 2024

Gift Mode

Canada Post shipping labels


April 2024

Gift recipient messages

  • Gift recipients can now message sellers with questions rather than contacting the buyer. These messages are badged with "gift recipient" and "help request." 

Identify verification

March 2024

Profit calculator 

  • Sellers can now see a calculation of how much money they'll earn from a sale when creating or editing a listing. This can be viewed by selecting Estimated profit in the Price & Inventory section of your Listings manager

Coupon expiration dates

  • Thank you coupons and Abandoned cart offers now have expiration dates.
    • Thank you coupons: Expire 1 year from the coupon's creation date.  
    • Abandoned cart offers: Expire 60 days from the coupon's creation date. 

February 2024

Blocking messages 

  • Now when you mark a message as spam, you'll also block the member. This prevents any further messages from that member and they will be unable to reply to any existing threads they’re a part of. 

Regulatory operating fees

  • Starting April 1st, the regulatory operating fees for sellers in Spain and Türkiye will increase. Also starting April 1st, sellers in India and Vietnam will also be charged regulatory operating fees. Learn more about regulatory operating fees

January 2024

Personalized gift pages

  • When marking a purchased item as a gift, buyers now have the option to input the gift recipient's email address. This will automatically send a personalized gift link to the recipient showing them the status of their order. 

November 2023 

Etsy Payments expansion

October 2023

UPS Shipping Labels 

Etsy Payments in more countries

  • Etsy Payments is now available to sellers in Thailand and Ukraine. Japan, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and India (export sales only) will be included in the coming months. Learn more.

September 2023

Etsy Payments in Thailand

  • Sellers in Thailand can now sign up for Etsy Payments using a Payoneer Payment Account. Learn more.

Etsy Share & Save 

  • Sellers now have the option to enroll in the Share & Save Program. With Share & Save, you can save on Etsy fees when you drive your own traffic to your shop and listings.

Actual processing times 

August 2023

Make an offer feature

  • Sellers who have their currency set to USD can allow buyers to make price offers on some or all of their listings. Learn more

Payment account reserves

  • We've updated Payment account reserves to address a few seller pain points. Learn more.

Confirming seller info

July 2023 

Royal Mail QR Codes

  • Sellers based in the UK will begin to see the option to generate a digital QR code for domestic Royal Mail orders. This code can be taken to a Royal Mail post office to have the shipping label printed there, rather than needing to do it from your home. 

USPS Ground Advantage 

  • USPS is combining their First Class Package and Parcel Select Ground services into a new service called Ground Advantage. Learn more

Evri Shipping Labels

  • UK sellers now have the option of purchasing either Royal Mail or Evri Shipping labels directly from their Etsy shop. Learn more.

June 2023

Order Processing Schedule: 

  • Sellers will begin to see the option to include Saturday and Sunday in their order processing times. This means that if you prepare or ship packages on the weekend, buyers will get a more accurate estimate of when their package will arrive. Learn more.

Google Analytics: 

  • Google has retired their former Universal Analytics service and replaced it with Google Analytics 4. To continue using Google Analytics for your Etsy shop or Pattern site, make sure you create an updated Google ID tag using the instructions in our help article.

May 2023

Etsy Design Awards:

April 2023

Shop Management: 

March 2023

Shop management:

  • Sellers will begin to see a new listing creation flow in their Shop Manager. This new listing flow will roll out to groups of sellers in phases, and is planned to be available to all US and international sellers by mid-April. You can switch between the old and new listing experiences at any time. Learn more

India Sellers:

  • Sellers in India must now use shipping labels purchased through Etsy to complete all eligible domestic orders, with some exceptions. Learn more

January 2023

The Etsy Seller App: 

  • Version 1.35 of the Etsy Seller App is now available. This update brings several changes to the in-app navigation and the ability to see and respond to buyer reviews from the More section of the app.

Account suspension:

  • If your account privileges were permanently suspended due to a policy violation and you’d like to continue selling on Etsy, you can file an appeal with Etsy in the Appeals Center. Learn more.


  • Priority Mail products purchased through Etsy can now qualify for cubic pricing. Cubic pricing is based on a package's size and distance traveled rather than its weight. This can be beneficial for sellers who ship heavy, small items.

Etsy Policy Update: 

Mexico sellers:

December 2022

The Etsy Seller App: 

November 2022

Shop Management:

  • Introduction of weekly auto replies: Sellers now have the ability to set up a recurring weekly auto reply schedule. Messages a seller receives outside of their availability will have an auto reply sent in response.


October 2022

Shop Management:


  • Update to Bank Verification for US Sellers: Sellers with bank accounts located in the US are now required to verify their bank account with Plaid while opening a shop or any time you update your bank details.

Site Layout Changes: 

  • The Address tab in Shop Manager has been moved from the Payments Settings page and is now located in the Legal and tax info page.

The Etsy Seller App: 

The following actions can now be performed through the Etsy Seller App:

  • Sellers can now apply item attributes to their listings through the app. 
  • Listing videos can now be edited directly from the app. 
  • Custom orders can be created through the app. 
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