How to Enroll in Etsy Payments

To get paid with Etsy Payments, you need to enroll in Etsy Payments. Sellers in eligible countries must enroll in Etsy Payments with integrated PayPal to sell on Etsy.

To enroll in Etsy Payments:

  1. On, click Shop Manager.
  2. Click Finances.
  3. Click Payment settings.
  4. Click Select your bank account country.
  5. Enter the required information as an individual or business and your bank account details. You'll also be required to verify this information. Learn more.
  6. Add a credit or debit card. (Shops based in Germany, Austria, or the Netherlands don’t need to add a credit or debit card.)

You can add a prepaid card to your account if you already have a credit or debit card. A non- reloadable prepaid card can’t be your only or primary payment card, but you can always pay your bill manually with a non-reloadable prepaid card.

Learn more about Etsy Payments.

For sellers in the EU, Hong Kong, Singapore or Switzerland

If your bank account is located in the EU, Hong Kong, Singapore or Switzerland, you will need to verify your bank account before you can receive any funds from your sales for compliance purposes.

Within 3-5 business days of enrolling in Etsy Payments, Etsy will send a small deposit into your bank account. You’ll need to enter the small deposit amount in your Payment account in order to verify your bank account for compliance purposes.

You’ll receive emails from Etsy to remind you to verify your bank account to continue to get paid.

To verify your bank account:

You will also see a Verify bank button in Shop Manager under the Shop advisor section. This will link directly to verifying your bank account.

If you don’t verify your bank account within 90 days of updating your bank details, your shop will be suspended.

For sellers in Australia

Sellers in Australia must have a residential address on file with their Australian bank. This address must be used for Etsy Payments. We are unable to accept a PO box as a residential address.

You can update your address in Shop Manager.

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Etsy Payments is the primary way to get paid on Etsy and simplifies payments for both you and your buyers.

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