How to Set Up Your Shop Policies

To set up your shop policies:

  1. On, open Shop Manager.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Choose Policy Settings.

Your policies have several sections and are separated into different tabs: Returns & exchanges; Cancellations; Privacy, and Fixed. 

Policies can’t be added or edited from the Etsy Seller app. Please use the mobile web or desktop versions of Etsy to update your policies.

Choose a section to learn more:

Returns & exchanges

From this tab, you can create and edit the various return and exchange policies that you use when selling non-digital items on Etsy. These policies are applied as you see fit to your individual listings rather than being a blanket return policy for your entire shop. 

If you’re a seller outside of the EU, you must set a return policy whenever you edit or create a new listing for a physical item, even if it is to let buyers know you do not accept returns or exchanges on that listing. 

Learn how to set return policies on your listings.

EU right of withdrawal

Regulations in the EU give buyers the right to cancel or return their orders within 14 days of delivery. If you set your return policy to less than 14 days, a banner reminding you of the EU right of withdrawal will appear on your Returns and exchanges policy page.

Read more about how EU regulations may affect your shop.

If you signed up on Etsy as a “business” seller, meaning you’ve registered your business with a government agency and have a business ID number or are an incorporated business on Etsy, and you ship to buyers in the EU and/or EEA, we’ve automatically added “trader” status to your listings. 

The EU Omnibus Directive is a consumer protection directive that has passed in the European Union and may impact your shop. This directive requires business sellers who ship to the EU and/or EEA to identify themselves to buyers as “traders.”

The definition of a “trader” under the directive may vary depending on which countries in the EU and/or EEA you ship to. If you’re unsure if you would be recognized as a trader, we recommend that you reach out to a legal advisor. 

You can change your “trader” status in your policy settings at any time by selecting Edit in the Seller details section of your public shop. Choose your shop under Sales Channels in Shop Manager

If you’re a “trader,” Etsy displays your trader status, business registration number, your business’s location, and your business’s address (only if it’s different from your personal home address). You can add other information required by local laws in the Other details box in your Seller details section.

Learn more about the EU Omnibus Directive and how to update the information Etsy displays


Set a shop-wide cancellation policy to let buyers know whether or not you accept cancellations after they place an order. 

To edit your current policy:  

  1. Select the pencil icon next to your current policy. If you have not yet made a policy, select the Create Policy button instead. 
  2. In the Edit policy field, toggle cancellations on or off.
  3. Select Publish

Privacy policy

Select Create a policy to share how you’ll protect a buyer's personal data. If you’re unsure what to write, you can use our sample privacy policy and customize it for your shop. Once your policy is finished, select Publish

If you're a seller based in the EU or offer items to buyers there, you’re required to create and comply with a privacy policy that satisfies the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Many other countries have also adopted data protection laws similar to the GDPR, so whether or not you sell to Europe, we recommend that all sellers create a privacy policy. Read Etsy’s Privacy Policy for more information about your obligations when collecting and using a buyer’s information, including the requirement to obtain a buyer’s consent before using their information for marketing purposes.

If you need help understanding your obligations under the GDPR or any other data protection laws, consult with an attorney about local laws and how they apply to your shop. 

Fixed policies 

You can view Etsy’s preset delivery policies for Estimated delivery dates, Customs and import taxes, and Instant downloads for digital items from this tab. These policies apply shop-wide and are not editable by sellers.

What isn’t included in shop policies?

Copyright & Intellectual Property Information

Copyright, intellectual property, or other licensing information is likely specific to an item, not to a shop. You may choose to put this information in your FAQs.

Sales tax

Etsy offers sellers a tax tool to help you calculate and display the appropriate tax rate to buyers at Checkout. There's no need to list this information in your policies, especially because tax rates vary based on the location of the buyer.

When can I edit my shop policies?

You can edit your shop policies whenever you like. A time stamp will show the last time your policies have changed. When a buyer makes a purchase, they’ll see a copy of your shop policies as of the time of purchase in their receipt email.

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