I Can't Find My Refund for an Order

If your order was refunded, and you can’t find it, first double check your payment method.

If your order hasn’t been refunded yet, contact the shop you ordered from for help. Learn how to contact a shop.

How to find your payment method

To find which payment method you used for your order, check your email for an order confirmation from transaction@etsy.com. Your payment method is displayed above the order Subtotal.

If you purchased while signed in to an Etsy account, or claimed a guest order to an Etsy account, you can see the payment method on your receipt on the Purchases and reviews page. Your receipt will also show the order’s refund history if the seller issued a refund.

  1. Sign in to Etsy and select your profile icon or You on the Etsy app.
  2. Select Purchases and reviews.
  3. Choose View Receipt next to the order.
  4. Find Payment Method at the bottom left of the order.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the receipt to see Refund History.

If the order doesn’t appear on the Purchases and reviews page, you may be signed in to the wrong Etsy account or you may have purchased on Etsy as a guest without signing in. Learn more about finding your order in your Etsy account.

Select the payment method you used:

If you paid with a credit or debit card, the refund may need more time to appear on your statement. Refunds typically take 2–5 business days to appear on your statement, although it can take longer depending on your card provider. Refunds issued to credit cards outside the US usually take up to 30 days to appear on your statement.

Some banks may add the refund to your statement right below the original purchase date. Check for a refund dated closer to the original purchase date.

Contact your card provider directly for more help locating your refund.

What if I replaced my credit card after the purchase?

If a replacement card has been issued, the refund should appear automatically on your new card. Etsy is not able to send a refund to a different card from the one used to purchase.

What if my card is no longer valid and I don’t have a replacement?

If a replacement card hasn’t been issued, contact your card provider to ask how to receive your refund.

When you pay with PayPal on Etsy, check your PayPal account for the refund.

PayPal offers a Guest Checkout service for paying without a PayPal account. If you paid with a card using PayPal’s Guest Checkout, your refund will go back to your card. It can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement.

For orders more than 60 days old at the time of the refund, the seller must use PayPal’s Send Money feature to send the refund to your PayPal account. The seller can also coordinate with you to send you the refund using a service other than PayPal.

PayPal’s Send Money feature is a way for PayPal users to send money between each other. A payment sent to you via Send Money would appear in your PayPal account as separate from the original Etsy order.

Contact PayPal Support for more help finding your refund.

Apple's customer support and your card provider should be able to help. Visit Apple Pay Support.

Google Pay's customer support and your card provider should be able to help. Visit Google Pay's support page.

When you pay with Klarna, Klarna processes your payments and refunds. We recommend contacting Klarna directly.

Etsy Gift Card refunds appear in your Etsy account.

To find your Etsy Gift Card balance, sign in to Etsy and select your profile icon or You on the Etsy app. A Gift card balance amount will be displayed here if you have a remaining balance.

If you don’t see a gift card balance, be sure you’re signed in to the Etsy account you used to purchase the order. You should see the order under Purchases and reviews. If the order doesn’t appear here, you may have used a different Etsy account.

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