Order Still Processing for Sellers

Most orders process within 72 hours, although they may occasionally take longer.

If you're seeing a notification or received an email about a processing order, it means that the transaction is being reviewed by Etsy. We review all Etsy Payments transactions in order to reduce risk and ensure the safety of the marketplace.

Once an order has successfully processed, the funds for an order will appear in your payment account. You can view your payment account by going to Shop Manager > Finances > Payment account.

Please don't take any action on these orders until you receive the confirmation email or until you see the funds in your payment account.

Learn more about orders taking longer than normal to process.

How to find your processing orders

While the order is still processing, it won't appear on the Completed tab of your Orders & Shipping page. Instead, you'll see a message that says, "You have processing orders."

Please wait to ship the item until the order has been processed. This can be confirmed in several ways:

  • You receive an email confirmation that the order was processed.
  • You see that the order has moved to the Completed tab of your Orders & Shipping page.
  • You see the funds in your payment account.

If you wish to cancel an order, this option will be available once the order has completed processing.

If one of your orders is showing as “payment processing” on your Order & Shipping page or if you received an email from Etsy saying that your order is still processing, it means that Etsy is reviewing the transaction. This review may take up to 72 hours, although it may occasionally take longer.

The buyer has also received an email letting them know that their order is being reviewed by Etsy. 

We know it’s important to have your order completed as soon as possible. Our team is working diligently to review your transaction

Once the order has fully processed, both you and the buyer will receive an email confirmation. Please don’t take any further action regarding your order until you receive the confirmation email.

Etsy screens and reviews all Etsy Payments orders to ensure that the order is legitimate. Most orders are processed in under 72 hours, however some orders may take more time for our team to review and process. This review process is in place to protect you and other sellers and buyers on Etsy from possible fraud.

You can’t cancel an order while it’s processing. After the order is processed, you can cancel the order from your Orders & Shipping page.

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