What Is the Processing Time for an Item?

The processing time is the length of time the shop needs to get an order ready to ship, or the length of time between when you place an order and when the shop ships your order.

If an order is custom, the processing time will include the time it takes to create the custom item.

Sellers can set the processing times for items in their shop. The processing time can vary from item to item within one shop.

If you’re worried your gift may not arrive on time, you can print and share this card to let the recipient know that something special is on the way.

You can find the processing time for an item on the item’s listing page:

  1. Select an item you’re interested in on Etsy.com.
  2. On the listing page, you’ll see either:
    • Ready to ship in: This shows the processing time for the item.
    • Estimated delivery date: The date range when you can expect this order to arrive.


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