How to Resolve a Technical Issue

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Most technical issues on Etsy can be resolved using the steps in this article. If you’re still having trouble, you can find help in our Technical Issues forum

If you’re having trouble viewing Etsy, and the site or app isn’t responding the way it’s supposed to, we recommend you try these browser troubleshooting steps. These steps usually resolve most issues for members.

Update your app

Make sure to download the latest version of the Etsy or Etsy Seller app. The problem you’re experiencing may have been addressed in an updated version of the app.

Switch browsers

Sometimes site issues are specific to a particular browser, so changing to a different one might help. It’s also important to use an up-to-date, modern browser. Most current browsers automatically update so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the version you’re using is the newest.

Here are some browsers that work well with Etsy and may update automatically:

Disable toolbars or add-ons

If you use special browser features that weren’t pre-installed when you first downloaded the browser, they could interfere with your Etsy experience. Disable them one by one and see if that resolves the issue.

Here’s instructions for disabling add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari

Clear your cache and Etsy-related cookies

After you’ve tried the steps above, you can clear your cache and Etsy-related cookies. Since this step is a bit more involved, we recommend taking a look at the Technical Issues forum first to make sure there isn’t a known site issue. 

Clearing your cookies may cause you to lose other saved information stored on your browser, like saved passwords and login information. Save this information elsewhere before clearing your browser history.

Learn how to clear your cache for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

If you see a 429 error

If you see a message that says “429 error: too many requests,” it may be because you’re using an internet service provider that Etsy isn’t familiar with, or your provider may be blocking the site.

Before you contact Etsy Support, try these steps:

  1. Switch to a different browser.
  2. Restart your modem.
  3. Contact your internet service provider to ask about your access to

If the issue continues

If you’re still having trouble, check the Technical Issues forum for existing issues and report any new ones. 

If you suspect a site-wide outage, get the latest at

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