Using Conversations on Etsy

Find your Conversations here or go here and click Contact The Shop to send a conversation to a seller.


A conversation is a message sent between two members on Etsy using our Conversations tool. Think of it as email just for Etsy members.

To view your conversations, sign in to your account and go to You > Conversations

When buyers and sellers need to communicate about an item or order, sending a conversation is the best way to do it.

Sending a conversation to a seller as a buyer

Here are the main places on Etsy you can send a seller a conversation:

From the seller's shop homepage

  • Click Contact under the Shop Owner photo at the top right

  • Or you can click Contact shop owner on the left under Items

From an item's listing page

You can also visit a listing page and click Ask a question at the top right.

From your Conversations page

If you're signed in, you can reply to or send a new conversation to any Etsy member from this page.

Attaching files

You'll see an Attach image button at the bottom right of a conversation.

You can send up to 3 files of these types: .jpg, .gif, .pdf, or .png

The sizes can be up to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels or 100MB.

Folders for Conversations

You will always have these conversation folders:

  • Inbox: Received conversations 
  • Sent: Conversations you send or reply to 
  • All: Where all your conversations—except for spam and trash—can be found 
  • Spam: Conversations marked as spam 
  • Trash: Deleted conversations

Create folders

You can create your own folders to organize and keep track of your messages.

To create a folder, click on the checkbox next to a conversation you want to put in the new folder. You can also open that conversation. Select Move and enter the name of a new folder in the dropdown menu.

Move the conversation to an existing folder by selecting the box next to the conversation. Select Move from the toolbar and then enter your desired folder name.

To remove a conversation from a folder, click on the folder and select the conversation on the left. Select Remove from Folder

Deleting a folder

Click the trash can icon that appears when you hover over the folder name. The folder will be deleted, but any remaining messages in that folder can be found in the All folder in the sidebar.

Spam, trash, and permanently deleting conversations

To report a conversation as spam, select it and click Report Spam.

To move a conversation to the Trash, select it and click Move to trash. The conversation will be moved to your Trash folder, but will not be permanently deleted.

To permanently delete a conversation, go into the Trash folder and select it. Then click Delete.

How do conversations from my Pattern site work?

If you have a Pattern by Etsy site, visitors to your website can submit a conversation via a contact form.

You can view and manage your messages by going to You > Conversations.

Learn more about conversations on Pattern here.

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