How to Add Variations for Your Listings

If you offer different options for an item within the same listing, you can add those options as variations. For example, if you sell a dress with different sizes and colors, you can specify these options in that dress listing’s variations.

When a buyer purchases from you, you'll see the variations they selected in your Sold Orders, receipts, and transaction notification emails.

How to add variations to a listing

You can add variations for up to two item attributes while creating or editing a listing:

  1. Choose the listing you’re interested in on the Listings page.
  2. Select the Variations tab. 
  3. Choose Add variations.
  4. Select from the list of available variations. The variations displayed depend on the category you selected for your listing. 
  5. If you want to vary the price, quantity, or SKU numbers for your variation, toggle those options on.
  6. Choose Done.
  7. The variations you create appear under Variations. If you chose to vary on price, quantity, or SKU, those options appear next to the variation.

To change the price or quantity of a variation, check the box next to the variation(s) you want to edit, then choose Update price or Update quantity.

Varying on price

The price you set for each option is the total price for each version of the item, not an additional cost.

If you’re a seller outside the US and India, learn how to set up different variation prices for orders shipping domestically and internationally.

Varying on size

For measurement variations, such as length or size, choose a sizing scale. Once you select a unit of measurement, specify the options you offer.

How to add photos for your variations

If this listing varies on a visible attribute, such as color, you can add photos to show that variation.

To add photos for your variations:

  1. Find the listing you want to edit on the Listings page.
  2. Add a new photo in the Photos and video section. You can add up to ten photos.
  3. Go to Variations. Add variations, if you haven’t already.
  4. Select Manage variations.
  5. Choose the pencil icon of the variation you want to add photos to. 
  6. Toggle Link photos to this variation to on. If you have more than 10 variations, you can only add photos for ten of these variations.
  7. Choose Select photo for each variation and choose the photo you want to link to that variation. Buyers see this photo when selecting the variation from your shop. 
  8. Choose Done.
  9. Choose Apply

How to create custom variations

To add a variation that isn't included in the default list of options, you can create a new variation. However, buyers won’t be able to filter their Etsy search results based on custom variations.

To create a new variation: 

  1. From the Variations tab, choose Manage variations
  2. Select Add variation
  3. Choose Create your own
  4. Enter a name for your variation, toggle if you want to link photos to it, then enter the type of variation you want to offer. 
  5. Choose Done
  6. Choose Apply. You can now edit it from the Variations tab. 

How to hide a variation

If you don't want a variation to be viewable to buyers, toggle the Visible tab off from the Listings page. You must have at least one variation visible. 

If you set the quantity for one of your options to “0”, it will appear on the listing page as Sold out.

How variations work for buyers

If you have variations on a listing, buyers must select the options they want before adding your item to their cart.

If a buyer happened to add your item to their cart before you added variations to the item, they won't be prompted to select your options when they check out.

If you subscribe to Etsy Plus, shoppers can request an email notification for when a sold out item is back in stock. Learn more about restock requests.

I get an error when I preview a listing with variations

If you preview a listing with variations, you may see the error “Listing preview doesn't accurately reflect price and quantity on variations.” This is normal, and you'll see the variations and price differences you added when you publish your listing.

Can I offer variations for digital listings?

Listing variations are not currently supported for digital item listings.

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