Editing Listings

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You can edit all parts of a listing at any time. There's no cost to edit a listing.

Three ways to edit a listing in your shop

While you're editing, remember that the current version of your listing is still available to shoppers. If you want to hide a listing while making changes, you can temporarily deactivate it.

  1. Go to Shop Manager > Listings and click the thumbnail photo. Or select Edit from the gear menu of the listing you'd like to change. Here you can edit every part of the listing, including the description.
    • Tip: If you've got a lot of listings to go through, try searching within your listings using the Search your listings field at the top of the page.
  2. Visit a listing page in your public shop while signed in.
    • Click Edit in the Listing Tools menu at the top of the listing page.
  3. Edit title, section, price, quantity, shipping profile, and tags directly from the Listings section of your Shop Manager.
    • Go to Shop Manager > Listings. Choose which section your listing is under (such as Active or Draft) or use the search bar to find it. Click the Quick Edit button at the top of the page. You'll then be able to edit these fields.

Note: Quick Edit won’t work on listings with variations on price or quantity. To change these, edit your listings individually.

How to bulk edit

You can choose to bulk edit the following for your listings:

  • Shipping Profiles 
  • Sections 
  • Production partners 
  • Renewal options 
  • Tags 
  • Titles 
  • Prices 
  • Listing descriptions

To make these changes, select the items you’d like to bulk edit and click Editing options.

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