How Ads Are Placed in Etsy Search

With Etsy Ads, you can advertise your products in designated search results on Etsy. Learn how to set up an Etsy Ads campaign.

Ads on Etsy work through an auction system. In an ads auction, your listings compete against others listings for an ad spot in Etsy search results. The four main factors that affect your listing’s performance in an auction are:

Listing quality

We give listings a quality score that reflects how likely shoppers are to click on your listing. Many factors determine a listing's quality score, including:

  • Listing and shop history
  • Strong listing titles and tags

To increase how often your listings will win an ads auction, improve your listings with the same methods you use to make them more appealing to shoppers.

Learn more about quality scores and how search works on Etsy.

Relevance to the shopper’s search

When determining the right bid for your listing, we look at how closely your listing’s title or tags match the shopper’s search terms. We also take into account any filters they've applied, so if your listing doesn't ship to the shopper’s location or fall in their selected price range, we won't show it.

The bid amount

A bid is the highest amount you'd pay for one click on a particular listing. A higher bid may often result in better placement as you work on improving your listing quality. For example, if a listing has a low-quality score it may need a higher bid to receive competitive placement.

The bid amount is also determined by your daily budget. Your daily budget is the amount you’re willing to spend on Etsy Ads. Etsy’s algorithm then chooses the best bid amount for that listing at that particular moment that fits within your daily budget. Bids change to keep your ad competitive in a given auction. A bid may be higher or lower, but the goal is always to get your ad the best placement possible at the lowest cost to you.

Learn how to set a daily budget

Factors that affect the likelihood of sales

When determining when to bid, we also look at factors that may increase the likelihood of a sale for your listings, like the time of day.

How listings are ordered in Etsy search ad spaces

Once the auction selects the eligible promoted listings, we add them to the designated ad spots within search results. The order of results is constantly shifting and can change throughout the day.

Since your listing can be promoted in different places throughout the day, look at your Etsy Ads stats instead of searching for your ads to get a better sense of how they're performing.

How do Etsy Ads affect Etsy search?

Etsy Ads in Etsy search only appear in designated ads space. Ads have no influence over results in regular Etsy search or in external search engines. They are completely independent of each other.

Why can’t I see my ads in Etsy search?

If you’re searching for your own ads but aren’t finding them in search results, keep in mind this doesn’t indicate an issue with your ads. In fact, it’s not uncommon to search on the site and not see your own ads displayed.

For the most accurate insights into how your ads are performing, it’s easier to check your Etsy Ads stats, rather than running your own searches.


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