How to Use Etsy Stats for Your Shop

Etsy Stats provide you with data for your shop. With Stats, you can see how your shop is performing, where your traffic to your shop comes from and how shoppers are engaging with your listings.

If you’re new to Etsy Stats, take a look at our glossary of stats terms.

To see your Stats:

  1. On, click the Your Account icon, then click Shop Manager.
  2. Click Stats.
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Learn more about how to use your Stats to drive conversion.

Metrics overview

In your metrics overview, you can see your shop-level data. Click a metric to see its graph:

  • Visits
  • Orders
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue

Use the dropdown at the top of the page to select the time period you want to see stats for. You can view your shop stats from November 2017 to the present.

If your shop has been open for more than a year, you can see your data compared to the previous year.

When you select a metric, you’ll see how it’s metric trending over the time period you selected.

Learn what each metric means.

What is the difference between visits and views?

Visits represent the number of people who looked at your shop or listings. Views tell you the total times people looked at each of your listings. For example if one shopper landed on your listing through search, then viewed five other listings, this would count as one visit and six listing views.

Learn about using stats to track visits.

How many times do visits update per day?

Visits data refreshes a few times per day. This lets us to filter out as much bot traffic (traffic from search engines and not actual shoppers) as possible and aggregate your visit data. You can see when your data was last refreshed at the top of the page.

Why are my visits lower by the end of the day?

We filter out bot traffic again at the end of the day, which may lower your visit count. 

How shoppers found you

How shoppers found you breaks down where shoppers who visited your shop came from.

You can see how much of your shop traffic Etsy brought through Etsy search, Etsy app & other Etsy pages, and Etsy marketing & SEO. 

You can see how much traffic You brought through other sources, like Direct & other traffic, Social media, and Advertising. Learn how to use your stats to boost your social media traffic.

The arrows next to the visits for each traffic source show how traffic for that source changed over the time period you selected.

Click a traffic source to see more details about where this traffic is coming from.

Learn what each traffic source means.

What’s the difference between advertising clicks on the Etsy Ads dashboard and Advertising visits on shop Stats?

There are a couple of reasons why your Etsy Ads clicks and Advertising visits may be different:

  • Ad clicks count the number of times people click on your ad. If a shopper clicks on the ad twice in a 30 minute period, it would count as one visit.
  • In the How shoppers found you section, Advertising doesn’t include people that visited your shop through ads on the Etsy app.

How do I see the search terms that shoppers used to find my shop?

Click Etsy search under How shoppers found you to see what search terms people used to find your listings.

Shoppers viewed your listings

See how many shoppers viewed and ordered your listings. For each listing, you can see:

  • Views
  • Orders
  • Revenue

Click a metric to order your listings.

For a more detailed look at listing performance, click on an individual item. Only active listings appear in this list.

Listing views are updated in real-time.

What timezone are my Stats shown in?

Hourly stats from today, yesterday, or the past two days are in your own time zone. All other time frames appear in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). You can change your time zone by clicking Update time zone at the bottom of Explore your data.

If you have feedback about your shop Stats, let us know.

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