How to Reopen a Shop You Closed

To help ensure the integrity of our marketplace, Etsy suspends accounts when we have reason to believe our policies have been violated.

If your shop was suspended by Etsy, learn more about how to reinstate your shop.

To reopen a shop you previously closed:

  1. Sign in to on a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Click the Your Account icon.
  3. Click Account settings.
  4. Click Your Closed Shop.
  5. Select Reopen Shop.
  6. If you have a credit card on file, take a moment to make sure your billing information is correct.

All of your information should be exactly as you left it. You may want to check to see if any of your listings expired while you were away, and that your billing card is up-to-date.

Can I reopen my account through my phone?

No, you can’t reopen an account on a mobile browser or the Sell on Etsy app.

I still can’t reopen my shop

If you’re having trouble reopening your shop, click Contact support at the bottom of this page, and Etsy Support can help.

If you closed your Etsy shop, you can reopen it. All your information will be exactly as you left it.

If your shop was suspended, you may have received an email from Etsy letting you know. Respond directly to that email and request that your shop be reopened. If you can't find that email, let us know.

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