How to Answer a Help Request from a Buyer

If a buyer has a problem with an order from your shop, they may report a problem to you through Messages and open a case

Buyers are required to message a shop before they have the option to open a case. These messages will appear with the rest of your Etsy Messages but are labeled Help requests. You’ll also receive an email notification about a buyer’s request for help. 

You have 48 hours from the time of the help request to respond and resolve the buyer’s issue before the buyer can open a case. Learn how to resolve a case from a buyer

How to prepare your shop for a Help request

Here are some ways to prepare your shop for a Help request:

  • Follow Etsy’ Seller Protection Policy so we can better assist you if a dispute arises.
  • Fill out your shop policies. Your shop policies help set expectations with the buyer and may protect you if a buyer has a problem with an order from your shop.
  • Regularly respond to Messages from your buyers. Prompt responses can prevent problems from escalating, and if the buyer sends a Help request, they can open a case 48 hours later if it’s not resolved.
  • Ship your orders within your processing times.
  • Make sure that your items and orders match how you describe them in your Etsy listings.
  • Package delicate items with care to prevent damage during transit.

Be sure that your shop policies are in line with Etsy’s policies. In a case, Etsy’s policies take precedence over a shop's policies. 

What to do when a buyer reports a problem to you

When a buyer reports a problem to you, they’ll send you a message. Work with the buyer through Messages to find a solution that works for you both.

My buyer wants a refund or return

If the buyer requests something that's in line with your shop policies, we recommend agreeing to their request. For example: Your shop policies state that you offer refunds and the buyer requests a refund.

If the buyer requests something that isn’t in line with your shop policies, work with them to agree on a solution.

My buyer emailed me about a problem

If the buyer reaches out to you outside of, direct them to use Messages. This keeps everything in one place, and will help Etsy Support assist if necessary.

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