Etsy Asked Me to Confirm My Seller Info

Etsy is notifying some sellers that they must provide and confirm additional info about their business in their Shop Manager.

If this applies to you, we’ll email you from and post alerts in your Shop Manager Dashboard.

Confirming your seller info is an important part of complying with new laws, like the INFORM Consumers Act, the Digital Services Act, and tax regulations such as DAC7. These laws affect online marketplaces like Etsy, and you may see similar requirements on other sites.

If notified, you’ll be given a deadline to provide and confirm your seller info. The deadline is a legal mandate that depends on what laws apply to your shop.

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How do I confirm my seller info?

To confirm your seller info:

  1. On, go to Shop Manager.
  2. Choose Confirm info.
  3. We’ll point out any missing info and direct you to the right page to enter it.
  4. Go back to your Dashboard and choose Continue to confirm info until a notice says Thanks for confirming your info!

If you need to pause, select Do this later. Your progress will be saved. Just make sure to finish confirming by the deadline displayed in your Shop Manager. We’re unable to grant extensions, due to the legal requirement of the deadline.

What kind of information will I need to provide?

The information needed depends on what laws apply to your shop. It might include financial info like your taxpayer ID and bank account, or contact information like your business email, phone number, or address.

Sellers outside the US and India, if asked for your taxpayer ID, you should choose your country and tax ID form the Additional taxpayer identification field on your Legal and tax information page.

If asked for your address, this must be your taxpayer address, and not a PO or Postal Box. Learn what Etsy does with this info.

What if I don’t submit the required information on time?

If you don’t confirm your seller info by the deadline emailed to you and displayed in your Shop Manager Dashboard, you won’t be able to receive funds from your sales and Etsy may need to place your shop on pause via Etsy-initiated vacation mode. You won’t be able to exit vacation mode until you take the required actions.

You can quickly remove these restrictions by providing and confirming your seller info in your Shop Manager.

While on pause in vacation mode:

  • Your listings can’t be purchased and don’t appear in search. You can edit listings but not publish them.
  • You have access to your orders, cases, and can buy shipping labels on Etsy, if you’re in an eligible country.
  • If you’re running an Etsy Ads campaign, it will be paused and you won’t accrue charges.
  • You won’t accrue listing fees.
  • Visitors can see your shop and sign up to be notified of your return.

This is like the vacation mode tool sellers use to take a break from their shop except that you won't be able to turn it off until you provide and confirm your seller info

The deadline is mandated by law, not decided by Etsy, and Etsy Support agents can’t turn vacation mode off for you. Our hope is we’ve made it as quick and easy as possible to confirm your seller info and meet legal requirements.

What does Etsy do with this info?

We take your information and privacy very seriously. Etsy follows industry standards to protect the sensitive information submitted to us, both during transmission and after it’s received. Review our Privacy Policy for full details.

Laws have different requirements for how we use and display your info.

For example, to meet requirements outlined by the INFORM Consumers Act, if you’re registered as a business on Etsy (meaning you’ve registered as a legal business entity with a government agency) and make over $20,000 USD in sales in 12 consecutive months, buyers will see your business address in their order confirmation emails—but only if it’s different from your primary shop owner's home address. If your home address is the same as your business address, we won’t show it to buyers.

Your tax ID will never be shared publicly, though Etsy may be required by law to share some of your data and income you make on Etsy with tax authorities.

We’re only asking for info that is legally required depending on factors like where you’re located, where you sell, and how much you earn on Etsy. We only collect the info required for your unique business. Other Etsy sellers may be asked to confirm different info.

What is the INFORM Consumers Act?

The INFORM Consumers Act helps make online shopping safer and more transparent for consumers.

The INFORM Consumers Act is a US law that applies to you if you made 200 or more sales in the US totaling more than $5,000 in a 12 consecutive month period over the last 24 months on Etsy.

If you meet the criteria for the INFORM Act, we may reach out for you to provide and confirm certain information. Your information will need to be kept up to date and you’ll be asked to review it annually. Etsy is required to verify your information and may reach out for additional information via email if needed.

What is the Digital Services Act?

The Digital Services Act protects consumers who use online services like Etsy.

The Digital Services Act is an EU law that applies to you if you sell to buyers in the EU/EEA and are considered a professional seller because you enrolled as a “business” seller on Etsy, you’re an incorporated business, or you set your seller status to “trader” in your shop’s About info.

What is DAC7?

DAC7 helps ensure online sellers pay their fair share of tax.

DAC7 is an EU tax law that applies to you if you’re a seller in the EU who’s made 30+ sales or €2,000+ in the past year. Etsy is required by law to report details of your sales as well as personal details to the tax authorities.

What if I have feedback for Etsy?

We’re listening to you! Filling out this survey is the best way to let us know your thoughts. We’ll keep improving how we help you meet these legal requirements.

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