Add Listing Details, Attributes, and Categories to a Listing

Add details to your listing to help shoppers find your listing in search:

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Your listing title

Give your item a descriptive title. What would buyers search for to find your item? Add the most searchable words at the front of your title. Titles have a 140 character limit.

Learn more about item titles.

Choose what type of listing your item is

The dropdowns under About this listing help categorize your listing as Handmade, Vintage, or a Craft Supply. Choose who made this item, what the item is, and when it was made.

Choose listing categories

Choose which category your item belongs to. This decides which category your item appears in on the Categories page.

Think about where buyers would most likely look for your specific item. For instance, if you’re selling a typewriter, you might think of it as decor, but some shoppers will want to use it to write.

List the materials used in your listings

For most categories, using item attributes are the best way to add materials to your listings.

You can highlight the materials you use in other areas of your listing.

However, if materials aren’t available to add in your category, you can add them here.

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