What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a line of code that uniquely represents a digital object, like a photo, artwork, or media clip. Each NFT is one-of-a-kind, unlike other crypto tokens that share the same value (and are therefore “fungible,” like Bitcoin).

You can think of an NFT as a fingerprint or signature that is unique to each digital object. NFTs can only be created, or “minted,” using blockchain technology. Because NFTs are minted using blockchain technology, they can currently only be purchased, sold, or traded on dedicated online platforms. 

Can I buy and sell NFTs on Etsy?

It is not possible to buy or sell NFTs on Etsy.  This is because NFTs can only be purchased, sold, or traded on specialized online marketplaces that host blockchain technology.  

An item I purchased on Etsy has an NFT.  What does this mean?

Some sellers on Etsy may offer an NFT version of their item in addition to the item for sale on Etsy. For example, a seller may list their original artwork as a digital download on Etsy, and offer to provide the NFT for the original artwork via a specialized NFT marketplace.  

While it is not prohibited to offer an NFT along with an item listed on Etsy, it is important to keep in mind that any transactions involving NFTs will take place off the Etsy platform. Buyers interested in the NFT accompanying an item on Etsy should seek to clarify any details of the NFT transaction directly with the seller, such as whether additional costs will be involved, and how to receive the NFT. 

Please keep in mind, Etsy’s policies prohibit fee avoidance and a seller cannot encourage a buyer to complete a transaction initiated on Etsy through another venue for any item that qualifies for sale on Etsy’s platform.   

I have an issue with my order regarding an NFT.  What do I do?

Etsy is unable to assist with order issues involving transactions for NFTs, because they take place outside of the Etsy platform.  

If you have an issue with an order for an item you purchased on Etsy, the best first step is to reach out the seller. You can follow the steps here to report an issue with an order.  

Per Etsy’s Buyer and Seller policies, transactions for which payments are not made via the Etsy platform are ineligible for Etsy’s case system. 

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