What is a Regulatory Operating Fee?

Sellers in certain countries are charged a small Regulatory Operating fee in addition to current selling costs. This fee is charged on the item price and shipping costs (including gift wrap and personalization costs, if applicable) and will vary based on seller location. 

Why does Etsy have a Regulatory Operating fee?

Etsy introduced a Regulatory Operating fee after the cost of doing business in many countries increased with new regulations in those countries. 

The Regulatory Operating fee helps ensure we’re able to continue offering our services to sellers in these areas.

Which countries will be charged a Regulatory Operating fee? 

Sellers in these countries will be charged the following Regulatory Operating fees, which are charged on the item price plus shipping cost and gift wrap:

United Kingdom











These fees will appear on your Payment account, along with your other seller fees. 

Will I have to pay VAT on these fees? 

The Regulatory Operating fee will be subject to VAT where applicable. Learn more about VAT on seller fees. 

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